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Industrial balance Ranger 4000 Ohaus

Jointlab srl€585.00 
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Description by the supplier

The Ohaus Ranger 4000 is a highly versatile, precision digital scale that is ideally suited to a broad spectrum of applications. Designed with a robust stainless steel pan, an oversized backlit LCD display, and an array of weighing units, it has been constructed to be enduring, precise, and user-led, making it an optimal choice for any weighing requirements.

Engineered for industrial use, the Ranger 4000 provides an ideal balance between strength, durability, and functionality – even under unforeseen circumstances. It operates without complicated measurements, thus maximizing the utility-to-cost ratio. Encased in a die-cast metal housing and powered by a rechargeable battery, it features seven application modes to effectively meet diverse industrial weighing and measurement needs, which include weighing, piece counting, weight control, percentage weighing, animal/dynamic weighing, Display Hold, and summation.

- Complies with Class III requirements as per OIML R76 and EN 45501

- Offers rechargeable battery life extending up to 100 hours!

- Rapid stabilization to enhance time efficiency

- All-metal construction for enhanced resilience and durability

Application procedures:

Weighing: Evaluates the item's weight in the chosen unit of measurement.

Percent Weighing: Compute the weight percentage of a sample against a fixed reference weight.

Piece Counting: Count of items with identical weights.

Checkweighing / Percentage / Counting: Compare the weight, percentage, and count of a sample against defined targets. Options for choosing between Weighing Control, Percentage Control, and Counting Control.

Accumulation: Calculates the total accumulated weight, count, or percentage of individual items.

Dynamic Weighing: Weighs an unstable load, determining the average weight over a specified period.

Display Lock: Preserves the last stable weigh manually or automatically on the scale display. Functionality can be activated by setting a zero-time interval in Dynamic Weighing mode.

Models available:


Weighing, Piece Counting, Check Weight, Percent Weighing, Animal/Dynamic Weighing, Display Hold, Summation


Light-emitting diode (LED) display, 3-color control LED


Operated by AC adapter (included) or rechargeable battery (included)


Easy-to-access communication port with included RS232 interface plus a secondary RS232, USB, or Ethernet port (sold separately)


Rugged die-cast aluminum housing, stainless steel platform

Construction Specifications

Die-cast aluminum housing, stainless steel platform, integrated weigh below hook, sealed front panel, menu lock switch, front level indicator, adjustable leveling feet

Key benefits:

- Solid metal frame and non-slip rubber feet providing stability and ensuring longevity, crucial for challenging industrial weighing tasks.

- Smart Text™ software facilitating quick setup and usage of the Ranger 4000 scale, thereby enhancing workspace comfort and efficiency.

- With the largest display in its class, including LED indicators for checkweighing and a backlit LCD display, the Ranger 4000 is suitable for any working environment.

Available Accessories:

Ethernet Kit

Secondary RS232 Kit


Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A
Control panelDisplay LED
Unit of measureGram; Kilogram; Pound; Ounce; Pound: Ounce
VariousCE approval; OIML
Weight kg5,9
SupplyAC power supply (included); Rechargeable battery (not included)
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