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Christian B. Hübschle
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Christian B. Hübschle
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ShelXle is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the crystal structure determination program ShelXL, which is part of the ShelX software package for solving and refining crystal structures using X-ray diffraction data. ShelXle is designed to make it easier to use ShelXL, by providing a user-friendly interface for inputting and editing data, running calculations, and visualizing results. ShelXle is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, and it can be downloaded from the ShelX website. It is commonly used in the fields of chemistry, materials science, and mineralogy, and it is particularly useful for solving and refining structures of small molecules and inorganic compounds. In addition to ShelXL and ShelXle, the ShelX software package includes a number of other programs for tasks such as generating input files, analyzing data, and visualizing structures.

Operating system: Windows, Linux, macOS

License: GNU Lesser General Public License

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