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Magnetic stirrer AREX Velp

Jointlab srl
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Description by the supplier

Optimal Temperature Standardization

Our CerAlTop™ plate utilizes an aluminum alloy coated with a ceramic layer. This ensures superior temperature standardization across the entirety of the plate surface, accommodating temperatures up to 370°C. Additionally, it offers exceptional resistance against chemical agents and enables simple cleaning processes.

Frontal Control Interface

The intuitive frontal control panel allows you to adjust settings easily. The left dial regulates heat levels, offering a maximum temperature of 370°C, while the right dial controls the agitation speed, reaching speeds up to 1500 rpm.

Enhanced Protection, IP 42

AREX magnetic stirrers reliably guarantee optimal user safety and precautionary measures. Features such as the elevated control interface, as well as the unique channel to redirect liquids in case of spillages, ensure maximum protection. The control panel is positioned away from potential heat hazards and insulated against liquid leakages, protecting internal instrument components from accidental spillages.

High Precision Temperature Regulation

The AREX magnetic stirrer interfaces flawlessly with the VTF Fuzzy Logic digital temperature regulator for unparalleled performance. The VTF provides comprehensive temperature regulation up to 300°C with an exceptional accuracy level of ±0.5°C. It also has an operational timer, facilitating exact temperature control programming for users.

Compact Layout, Appealing Structure

AREX's modern, low-profile structure combined with an appealing design contributes to a comfortable user experience. The user-friendly slant of the frontal panel enhances utility and accessibility.

AluBlocks™ for Increased Versatility

Our AluBlocks™ offer exceptional versatility for performing varied heating and stirring experiments. Given their modularity, they are ideal for creating a personalised workspace that can accommodate tubes of varying sizes. Crafted exclusively from aluminum, they ensure excellent heat transmission and maintain temperature uniformity when placed on the round head heating stirrers. This state-of-the-art feature promotes efficiency in laboratory operations, contributing to saving both time and resources.

Product details
Temperature °Cfrom room temperature to 370°C
Stirring Speed RangeUp to 1500 rpm
Max. stirring volumeUp to 20 litri
External dimensions mm L x P x A165x115x280 mm
Control panelAnalog control
Position size135 mm
Power W630 W
VariousIP 42
Weight kg2,6
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