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Illuminated magnetic stirrer AMI Velp

Jointlab srl€297.00 
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Description by the supplier

The AMI Velp Illuminated Magnetic Stirrer is a specialized piece of laboratory equipment designed specifically for titration processes requiring superior lighting conditions for enhanced visualization of the end-point color changes. The AMI 4 variation of this magnetic stirrer offers the advantage of four distinct positions, exhibiting longevity and comes with a three-year warranty.


The AMI Velp includes easily adjustable lighting settings, complimented by an ergonomically designed low-profile frame. The AMI4 model is equipped with independent speed adjustment abilities for each position, allowing for precise control up to 1100 rpm. It also boasts universal compatibility with varying mains voltage ranges and incorporates light for additional visibility.


The stirrer showcases a control panel thoughtfully shielded from potential liquid spills, reflecting an impeccable design consideration for durability. Encased in heavy-duty steel with a resilient epoxy coating, the stirrer is poised for enduring use and longevity. Its innovative design also features an illuminated workspace for facile observation of particles and color changes. It is perfectly suited for microtitration jobs, particularly those entailing subtle color shifts.

The stirrer has been engineered for a smooth startup and rapid attainment of preset speed. Furthermore, it offers exceptional control over speed (via cutting-edge electronic controls), even at low velocities, making it an ideal choice for meticulous research professionals looking for both durability and precision from their laboratory equipment. Your investment is protected with a 3-year warranty.

Product details
Max. stirring volume5 litri
Heating plateNo
External dimensions mm L x P x A150x270x55
Position size150 x 250 mm
Power W1.2 W
MaterialsMetal structure with epoxy paint
Weight kg1.2
Plate materialFor lighting
Cloud / Wifi connectionNo
Max. stirring speed1100
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