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Pharmacy refrigerator P380 B-Medical-Systems

Jointlab srl
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Description by the supplier

B Medical Systems introduces meticulously engineered Laboratory Refrigerator under the Precision series, replete with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies.

Subsequently, we present B Medical Systems' Precision Refrigerator explicitly for Pharmacy applications, equipped with a clear glass door design.


- Our Precision Refrigerators employ a forced air cooling system to ensure even temperature distribution and stability.

- The quick recovery feature allows rapid temperature stabilization after frequent door openings.

- A robust safety thermostat prevents internal temperatures from dropping below zero, providing an added layer of protection.

- Benefit from extended operational autonomy during power outages.

- An integrated Audio-Visual alarm system offers remote alert transmission via SMS or email.

- Complementing the Precision Refrigerator is an optional °B Connected universal software, enabling remote monitoring, FDA-compliant reporting, and long-term archiving in conjunction with a data communication unit.


- The refrigerator uses a natural refrigerant, renowned for high cooling efficiency, in alliance with US SNAP and EU F-Gas standards.

- The strong thermal insulation is achieved through a polypropylene structure, injected with polyurethane foam.

- A four-layer PMMA organic glass door ensures premier insulation and reduces weight, facilitating door closure.

- The refrigerator employs energy-saving internal LED lighting and boasts a monoblock structure fabricated by an exclusive rotational molding technique.


- The surfaces are smooth and easily cleanable.

- The appliance operates silently with minimal heat emission.

- Equipped with modular internal fittings and a simple data export feature to USB.

- Easily accessible temperature display and a heated gasket to curtail condensation.

- Corrosion-resistant construction offering lifetime warranty.

The comprehensive multifunctional electronics of B Medical Systems' Precision line incorporates a complete alarm system, setpoint safety, battery backup, and an array of control functions; compatible with the °B Connected solution for monitoring and data logging. Equipments inclusive of a USB port and accompanied by two keys.

To grasp the key distinctions between the Precision and Premium lines, notably the handle and interior features (the ergonomic handle patented by B Medical Systems is exclusive to the Premium line), kindly download the Technical Data Sheets available in Italian or English for comprehensive details.

Product details
Temperature °C4...15
External dimensions mm L x P x A595 x 695 x 1980
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A475 x 470 x 1740
Control panelDigital display
Internal capacity362/329 liters Gross / Net
Power W200W
Climate classSN from +10°C to +32°C
Net internal capacity329
Type of refrigerantR600a
Absorption1.8 / 1.9 (kWh/24h)
Weight kg109
Supply220-240V / 50-60 Hz
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