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Zeiss Eyepiece
GENEO BioTechProducts GmbH
Hamburg - Germany
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Zeiss Eyepiece W-PL 10x/23 (455043)

GENEO BioTechProducts GmbH
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Description by the supplier

Refurbished. Excellent condition. 6 months warranty.

Zeiss item number: 455043

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pHmetro FiveGo F2-Std-Kit METTLER TOLEDO-cover
pHmetro FiveGo F2-Std-Kit METTLER TOLEDO

FiveGo pH meter F2-Std-Kit METTLER TOLEDO SIMPLICITY AND SOLIDITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE Ergonomic,  (more)robust and intuitive, FiveGo™ portable meters offer a quality solution for your mobile applications in the laboratory, on the production line and outdoors. COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT AND ROBUST PH METER The compact design of the FiveGo™ guarantees the optimization and simplification of the measurements obtained in the field. Compact, lightweight and rugged, this portable meter is perfect for mobile applications. COMPACT Measuring 188 x 77 x 33 mm, this tool is perfectly compact and optimized for field use. LIGHT Designed for one-handed use, the FiveGo™ series meters weigh 0.26 kg, making them easy to transport. uGo™ TRANSPORT CASE It offers ideal protection and is the most suitable container for the pH meter, the sensor and all the accessories necessary to carry out regular outdoor measurements. INTUITIVE AND SIMPLE TO USE A large, well-structured display for easy viewing, the intuitive organization of the instrument buttons and the simple menu ensure that a measurement can be performed with just a few clicks. WATERPROOF IP67 waterproof protection allows the FiveGo™ meter to withstand humid and harsh environments. Thanks to the compact transport case, FiveGo™ is the ideal partner for any outdoor measurement. Specifications - FiveGo pH meter F2-Std-Kit Parameter: pH; ORP Channel: Single channel Kit version: Ready-to-use measurement kit Sensor: LE438 IP67 PH measuring range: 0...14 PH Resolution: 0.01 pH accuracy (±): 0.01 mV measurement range: 0 MV Resolution: 1 VM accuracy (±): 1 Temperature range (2): 0°C...100°C Temperature resolution: 0.1°C Temperature accuracy (±): 0.5°C. Memory capacity: 200 measurements Languages: English Memory size: 200 measurements Degree of protection Watertight and dustproof (IP67) Sensor included: generalist sensor Compatible with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) n Meter Type: Single Channel Portable Portable meter Yes mV measuring range -1,999,000–1,999,000

€466.00 ex VAT
€554.54 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
Pioneer PX224 Ohaus-cover
Pioneer PX224 Ohaus

AFFORDABLE PRICE AND EXCELLENT RESULTS The Pioneer PX combines basic weighing functionality with com (more)petitive performance, offering high accuracy and repeatability for applications in laboratory, industrial and education environments. The PX is affordably priced and intuitively designed for intelligent operation, with a 2-line display to provide additional information and USB and RS232 interfaces for easy communication connection. - Excellent value for money - Built to last, Pioneer is designed with a metal base frame, stainless steel underplate and weighing pan - Features of the top class as standard: second line in the display for additional information or usage tips; static removal bar for proper grounding; USB connectivity. Other Standard Features and Equipment Metal base, plastic top housing, removable stainless steel weighing pan, removable glass draft shield or side doors, real-time clock with GLP/GMP data, integrated weigh below hook, safety bracket, safety lockout for adjustment and protective hood, user selectable environmental filters and brightness settings, auto tare, auto dim, user selectable span calibration points, software lockout and reset menu, communication settings and options user selectable data printout, user definable project and user ID, software overload/underload indicator, stability indicator, operation in 11 languages. MODELS AVAILABLE InCal= internal calibration. ExCal= external calibration *CE approved models STANDARD FUNCTIONS FOR PROFESSIONAL USE - Real-Time Clock (RTC) function maintains accurate time even in the event of a power outage. The GLP/GMP data output function allows sample name, project, user and balance IDs to be recorded, helping to meet traceability and compliance requirements. Password protection reduces the risk of accidental or unauthorized changes. - Equipped with USB and RS232 connectivity ports, the Pioneer PX scale allows for easy communication with a PC, impact printer or Zebra label printer. - Eco-friendly features: Auto shut-off and other brightness settings save energy when the scale is not in use.

€1,601.00 ex VAT
€1,905.19 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
Cooled Incubators FOC 120E Connect Velp-cover
Cooled Incubators FOC 120E Connect Velp

Thermoregulation and thermal stability at their best The Auto-Tuning thermoregulation system guarant (more)ees excellent thermal homogeneity and stability (±0.5°C). Ecological cooling system and low operating costs. Selectable incubation temperature and working range from 3 to 50°C. Uniform temperature thanks to VELP ventilation technology. 3-digit DIGITAL DISPLAY, resolution 0.1°C. Reliable and easy to control Volume of 109 liters net. Internal sockets to power devices. Intuitive digital interface, with three buttons for easy setup of the instrument. Constant monitoring according to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). Adjustable recording time (in case of connection to VELP Ermes and TempSoft™). The optional TempSoft ™ incorporates high / low alarm thresholds. Quick and easy calibration. In the photo: the interior of the FOC 120E model, with the two electrical sockets, forced ventilation and the 6-position system for BOD Sensor Velp analysis; the control panel with the clear digital display to the tenth of a degree. Our life is connected, giving us previously unimaginable possibilities, why not connect your laboratory too? Improved productivity and safety; sharing analysis and assistance in a few clicks! Monitor your instrument anytime, anywhere with VELP Ermes Thanks to Velp Ermes you will no longer need cables. Discover the platform that allows you to reduce repetitive manual tasks with real-time control of your FOC Connect wherever you are. Access the data recording of your instrument wherever you are, in total safety, through the VELP Ermes platform and benefit from software updates and immediate ad hoc assistance, without the need for specialized technicians. Immediate notifications and alerts will allow you to always be informed about the status of your analyzes, improving productivity and reproducibility. The Ermes cloud subscription, which allows you to connect up to 10 instruments, is available for 1 or 3 years and must be ordered separately. IN OPTION! Control your FOC Connect via TEMPSoft ™ software Through the optional TEMPSoft ™ software and the relative connection of the FOC Connect to the PC, you can: - Control up to 10 FOC Connects. - Set the work ramps (different times and temperatures) and the desired setpoint, with the possibility of minimum and maximum temperature alarm thresholds - Monitor the internal temperature with dedicated graphics - Export data in multiple formats - Store test data in accordance with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) FOC Connect is supplied with the MODBUS communication protocol.

€1,482.00 ex VAT
€1,763.58 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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