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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Guardian 2000 Ohaus hot plate

Jointlab srl€306.00 
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Description by the supplier

Guardian 2000 Ohaus provides an optimal tool for everyday heating and stirring requirements in a variety of laboratories. Its affordability makes it suitable for educational purposes as well. It capably handles a heating and stirring capacity of up to 15 litres with simple knob controls to adjust these functionalities effortlessly.

Constructed to endure, it features an available support rod holder. The stirring models are furnished with PTFE-coated stir bars, enhancing durability and performance.

★ The Guardian 2000 supplies secure heating up to 500°C and stirring of volumes up to 15L, managed easily with a singular knob control.

★ Its robust metal housing integrates a spill-resistant design, boasting a sleek, chemical-resistant ceramic soleplate conducive to easy cleaning.

★ The safety of the user is paramount — signified by an indicator light that illuminates when the plate reaches 40°C or higher.


Efficient for boiling liquids, preparing samples and stock solutions, creating buffers and dissolution reagents, media preparation, and sample concentration.


Hot plate indicator featuring a green light for active heating or stirring operations.


User-friendly knob control for agitation up to 1600 rpm and temperatures up to 500°C (380°C for the round plate model). Package includes a power cord and PTFE-coated stir bar for agitation models.


Hard-wearing metal housing integrated with a PET front panel, control knobs, an ON/OFF heater disconnect switch, and an inbuilt support rod holder. The tops are fabricated from easy-cleaning, ceramic-coated resin, ceramic or stainless steel for layered durability.

The control interface is designed to be neat and straightforward, with an emphasis on ensuring maximum safety in an educational setting.

Models offer easy and quick On/Off switches for user convenience.

Available Models:

The Guardian 2000 includes nine diverse models, offering options for hotplate-only operations, magnetic stirring-only operations, or combined functions. Moreover, the plate sizes offered are 102x102mm, 174x174mm, and Ø135mm for specific, adequate coverage.

Product details
Max. stirring volume15 liters
Heating plateYes
Maximum temperature500 °C
Plate materialCeramic
Cloud / Wifi connectionNo
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