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Vortex VXMNDG Ohaus

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Description by the supplier

Ohaus Compact Vortex Stirrers

Ohaus presents a selection of four vortex mixer models engineered for consistent, gentle, and high-speed mixing. Our portfolio includes Fixed Speed, Analog, Digital, and Pulse versions.

Fixed Speed: This economical option delivers high-speed, one-touch mixing for repeated applications.

Analog Control: With its adjustable speed control, this model doesn't require precise, repeatable results. The speed control knob is marked with gradations from 1 to 10, offering customizable acceleration.

Digital Control: Featuring an LED display for speed and time, this model allows effortless yet precise adjustability for consistent results. Buttons attached allow default values to be tweaked.

Pulse Vortex: This device minimizes heat generation with its pulse action, promising effective cell mixing and fractionation. The speed and time are controlled via the LED display, with easy-to-use buttons for changing defaults and initiating the pulse control.

In the tactile mode, the mixer is activated by pressing the cupped head, and the continuous mode facilitates the use of additional attachments. A hard-wearing and stable structure ensures the unit remains steady during operation.

The robust digital and analog vortex mixers enable efficient speed control, starting from low RPM for gentle oscillation up to vigorous, high-speed vortexing of samples.


Engage these mixers for fluid resuspension, reagent mixing, handling buffers and emulsions, conducting ELISA tests, performing drug extractions, and mixing varied samples.


Digital Models: Feature independent LED displays, providing speed and time information simultaneously.

Analog Models: Include variable speed control knobs explicitly marked for adjustment.


Supplied with a detachable three-wire cable and plug.


All Models: Equipped with a roughly 7cm accessory platform and cup head, suitable for beakers, flasks, and test tubes.

Pulse Model: Accommodates a holder for twelve stainless steel microtubes.

Construction Features

Digital Models: Incorporate an embedded microchip for maintaining preset speed and ensuring constant mixing.

If you're uncertain which vortex mixer is right for you, download our informative Vortex Shaker Selection Guide for an easy overview of all our models.

Product details
Stirring Speed Rangefrom 300 to 2500 rpm
External dimensions mm L x P x A165 x 210 x 123
Control panelDouble display LCD
Consumption135 W
Timerfrom 1 second to 160 hours
Warranty24 months
VariousCE, TUV safety certification
Absorption0,6 A
Weight kg4,4
Supply230 V, 50/60 Hz
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€6,902.00 incl. VAT if applicable
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