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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Rod agitator DLS VELP

Jointlab srl€807.00 
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Description by the supplier

Enhanced Digital Display & Total Operation Control

The DLS offers a user-friendly interface through its brilliantly lit and legible digital display. It consistently showcases all essential parameters including preset speed, actual speed, torque measurements, and the integrated timer. A distinguishing feature of the DLS is its programmable digital timer that extends up to 999:59 minutes, complete with automatic shutdown, enabling autonomous functioning.

Exceptionally Powerful Stirring Capability

The DLS features robust rod stirrers, specifically designed to manage even the most challenging substances. This ensures a seamless start and forceful stirring at maximum speed. With the capability to reach speeds of 2000 rpm, the DLS is ideally suited for processing volumes up to 25 liters and mid-range viscosities up to 25,000 mPa*s.

User-friendly Chuck & Enhanced Safety System

The intuitive spindle locking system is uncomplicated and exceptionally comfortable, requiring no specific tools and allowing the use of varying rod models. Aside from providing an array of applications, it also accommodates a maximum rod diameter of 10 mm. VELP Scientifica equipment is distinctively user-friendly and is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features such as overload and overtemperature protection. All models operate by the IP 40 standard.

Guaranteed Durability

All VELP Scientifica solutions are meticulously constructed to assure prolonged instrument lifespan even under difficult operating conditions. The enclosing structure shields the motor from corrosive substances, whilst the robust motor assures durable operation without additional maintenance expenses.

Technopolymer Constructed Structure

The specialized technopolymer construction of VELP Scientifica rod stirrers ensures superior chemical resistance and offers unique usage handling as some of the lightest equipment on the market. Easy to install and intuitively designed, they offer a compact footprint for optimal space utilization.

Video of the DLH Velp rod stirrer:

Available Models & Stirring Rods:

The DLS allows for enhanced versatility with a selection of control types: digital or analog.

- Digital: view preset speed, actual speed, torque, and timer in a glance.

- Analog: benefit from power and precision at the most cost-effective price.

Simplified keys, clear graphics, and intuitive design make for immediate usability out of the box. Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that every VELP instrument ensures safety and reliability in your laboratory, featuring protection against overload and overheating.

Compact, lightweight, small in size, VELP Scientific equipment is designed for easy integration into your laboratory, optimizing workbench space.

- Technopolymer structure

- IP40 protection standard

Product details
Stirring Speed Range50 - 2000 rpm
Max. stirring volume25 liters
External dimensions mm L x P x A80x196X215
Control panelDisplay LCD
Power W120
Torque max.40
Viscosity max.25.000 mPa*s
Weight kg2,5
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