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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Ranger Count 3000 Ohaus

Jointlab srl€466.00 
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Description by the supplier

Functionality: The Ranger Count 3000 excels in performing a wide array of industrial operations including weighing, piece and check counting, and accumulation. This device, with its natural portability and built-in rechargeable battery, proves itself an invaluable tool throughout any industrial setting. With an amalgamation of features and functionalities, the Ranger Count 3000 elevates itself above the competition.

Precision: The high-resolution display, a 30-item archive function, and advanced optimization software collaboratively ensure accurate weighing and counting. Navigating complex counting operations is streamlined with three illuminated LCD displays, central counting display, and an intuitive menu.

Applications: It offers weighing, auto-optimized parts counting, check-weighing, and accumulation.

Display: It features a three-window backlit LCD and three coloured check-weighing LEDs.

Operation: The device runs on both AC power and a rechargeable battery.

Communication: It features an easily accessible communication port, including standard RS232 with optional second RS232, USB or Ethernet.

Construction: The Ranger Count 3000 is designed with ABS housing, stainless steel platform, numeric keypad, menu lock switch, level indicator at the front, and a transportation handle.

Design Features: A 30-item library, 210 hours of battery life, three LED check-weighing lights with selectable operating and audible signal settings, auto-print settings, auto shut-off, and an optional second scale input are incorporated into this comprehensive device.

The Ranger Count 3000 series include five different models, each with its own capabilities:

- RC31P1502: Capacity: 1,5Kg / Resolution: 0,05g

- RC31P3: Capacity: 3Kg / Resolution: 0.1g

- RC31P6: Capacity: 6Kg / Resolution: 0.2g

- RC31P15: Capacity: 15Kg / Resolution: 0.5g

- RC31P30: Capacity: 30Kg / Resolution: 1g

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A117 mm x 311 mm x 327 mm
Control panelTriple display LCD
Unit of measureGram; Kilogram; Ounce; Pound; Pound: Ounce
Weight kg4,2
SupplyAC power supply (included); Rechargeable battery (included)
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