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Mettler Toledo
Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Portable density meter DENSITO METTLER TOLEDO

Jointlab srl€2,544.00 
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Description by the supplier

Mettler Toledo Handheld Density Meter: One-hand operation with instant results

Emphasizing simplicity, the METTLER TOLEDO Densito handheld meter is engineered to provide intuitive, multilingual interaction with lucid menus and choices. Its user-friendly design enables swift setup and immediate commencement of measurements, offering continual operator guidance throughout the measurement and cleansing cycle. With lightweight construction, the Densito facilitates one-handed usage, perfect for a busy laboratory or for remote utilization. All results are temperature compensated, supplied in formats like specific gravity, Brix, and API units, among others.

Controlled by a principal joystick, Densito comprises an automatic sampling pump, eliminating manual sampling. It further features adjustable limits functionality for setting a predefined acceptable range for your products, allowing immediate identification of results that fall outside these limits via prominent display notifications.

Equally applicable in a lab setting or in the real-world field, Densito is suitable for a vast array of industrial, scientific, and research purposes across diverse industries, including testing battery sulfuric acid.


Among the variety of applications of Densito include determining alcohol concentration in spirits, controlling fermentation processes in wine and beer production, measuring the Brix level (sugar content) in food and beverages, petrochemical industry uses such as determining density and other concentration parameters like API gravity in heavy oils, paraffin, and lubricants. Furthermore, it is used in the automotive industry for measuring specific gravity density in battery acids, and in determining densities of various solvents, acid, and bases in the chemical industry. It also finds numerous applications in the pharmaceutical industry, including specific gravity density measurement in cosmetics and personal care products.

With your purchase, you will receive the complete Densito package which includes a 190 mm filling tube, a 2400 mAh Li-ion battery, power supply with international adapters, USB-C cable, 6ml density standard (3 pcs), user manual, declaration of conformity, and a test report.

Technical specifications include:

- Measuring range (g/cm³): 0 g/cm3...3 g/cm3

- Accuracy ± (g/cm³): 0.001 g/cm3

- Repeatability (g/cm³): 0.0005

- Resolution (g/cm³): 0.0001 g/cm3

- Sample temperature range: -10°C...50°C

- Temperature resolution: 0.1°C

- Temperature accuracy (±): 0.2°C

- Minimum sample volume: 2.00mL (2mL)

- Ambient temperature range: -10°C...50°C

- Built-in measuring scales: density / specific gravity; Alcohol tables; Acids/bases and chemical tables; User programmable tables/functions; Brix / Sugar tables

- PC Software: EasyDirect PC Software for Density and Refractometry

- Product type: Portable hydrometer

- Security: Password protection

For further detailed information and in-depth articles on density and specific uses, visit the Mettler website. You can also explore our collection of helpful and engaging video resources that illustrate Densito’s simplicity and convenience.

Benefits of Densito include:

- Rapid and precise readings.

- High repeatability.

- Elimination of cleaning and drying glassware.

Transition to digital with Mettler’s Densito, and experience improved productivity and precision.

Product details
Control panelColor display
Weight kg0,355
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