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Used Lab Machines Ltd
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Medite A550 Rotary Microtome

Used Lab Machines Ltd
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This listing is for a Medite A550 Rotary MicrotomeDeveloped and manufactured by experts in GermanyThe fully automatic Microtome A550 is the premium model for use in histology and histopathology as well as in research laboratories and in industrial quality assurance. With this microtome version, both the horizontal feed and retraction and the vertical cutting stroke are motorized. This means physical relief for the user during intensive, long-term use. Alternatively, the cutting stroke can also be carried out manually using the smooth-running handwheel, if, for example, sensitive cuts are necessary for very fragile tissue samples. The handwheel can easily be locked in any position using a spring lever. The proven, high-precision microtome mechanism is developed and produced in Germany and ensures maximum sectioning quality for continuously high sample throughput.The Microtome A550 impresses with its high functionality and attractive design that are focused on optimal ease of use. Settings relevant to the sections are entered via the intuitively operated membrane keyboard with digital display. The background color is freely selectable.The upper rotary push button on the left is used to switch between fine and coarse adjustment and to scroll through the menu. With the middle, larger rotary push button, the specimen clamp is simply moved back and forth. This can also be done using the keyboard. The sectioning speed can be set with the lower rotary push button and two different speeds can be selected for trimming and fine sectioning.

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Used Lab Machines Ltd is a family business that is actively buying and selling used laboratory and medical equipment. We offer a wide range of instruments and brands and models from leading manufacturers.

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