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Galileo Equipos
PI El Nogal - Spain
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Heidolph Reax Top

Galileo Equipos€185.00 (ex VAT)
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Heidolph Reax Top vortex. Stirring speed 100 to 2500 rpm. Continuous or pressure function. Analog control. Orbit diameter 5mm. Suitable for 20 mm diameter tubes. Exterior dimensions (WxDxH) 140x170x110mm. Weight 5 kg. Includes manual.

The Heidolph Reax To vortex shaker is high-quality, high-performance laboratory equipment. Designed for mixing and shaking samples in test tubes, microplates and other containers, this vortex shaker offers fast and efficient stirring. With an adjustable stirring speed and built-in timer, it's easy to use and provides accurate, reproducible results. Additionally, it features a compact and quiet design, making it ideal for use in laboratory environments. The Heidolph Reax To Vortex Shaker is a must-have for any laboratory requiring high-quality, reliable stirring. 220V; 50Hz; 51W

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€3,027.36 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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