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Hamilton 1750 N 500uL 81243/01 ( GA 22/51mm/PST 5 ) Supelco 20708 SYR

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The offered instrument / system is fully functional tested and ready to use. FURTHER DETAILS TO FOLLOW


At Profcontrol GmbH we offer reasonably priced lab & research equipment. All devices you find on profcontrol.de are in stock and can be delivered any time. Every product and system is tested and overhauled before being offered in our online shop.

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Agilent Series 1100 HPLC System-cover
Agilent Series 1100 HPLC System

System contains: 2 Solvent cabinets 2 Capillary pumps 1 Well-plate samplers 2 Autosampler thermostat (more)s 1 Thermostatted colomn compartment 1 Diode array detector 1 Handheld control module Vacuum degasser cel is missing in the vacuum degasser Capillary pump: Settable column flow range: 0.01 – 20 µl/min Recommended column flow range: 1 – 20 µl/min Column flow precision: < 0.7 % RSD or 0.03 % SD (typically 0.4 % RSD or 0.02 % SD), at 10 µl/min and 50 µl/min column flow (based on RT, default setting) Optimum composition range: 1 to 99% or 5 µl/min per channel (primary flow), whatever is greater Composition precision: < 0.2 % SD, at 10 µl/min (20 µl flow sensor), 50 µl/min (100 µl flow sensor) and 1 ml/min (normal mode) default setting Delay volume: Typically 3 µl from the electronic flow control to the pump outlet for flow rates up to 20 µl/min. Pressure range: 20 to 400 bar (5880 psi) system pressure Compressibility compensation: User-selectable, based on mobile phase compressibility Recommended pH range: 1.0 – 8.5, solvents with pH < 2.3 should not contain acids which attack stainless steel. Upper pH range is limited by fused silica capillaries. Well-plate sampler: Safety features: Leak detection and safe leak handling, low voltages in maintenance areas, error detection and display Injection range: 0.01 – 8 µl in 0.01 µl increments Precision: Typically < 0.5 % RSD of peak areas from 5 – 40 µl, Typically < 1 % RSD from 1 – 5 µl, Typically < 3 % RSD from 0.2 – 1 µl Sample viscosity range: 0.2 – 5 cp Sample capacity: 2 × well-plates (MTP) + 10 × 2 ml vials, 100 x 2 ml in one tray, 40 x 2 ml in half tray Injection cycle time: Typically < 30 s using following standard conditions: Default draw speed: 4 µl/min, Default eject speed: 10 µl/min, Injection volume: 0.1 µl Carry-over: Typically < 0.05 % using the following conditions: Column: 150 x 0.5 mm Hypersil ODS, 3 µm Mobile phase: Water/Acetonitrile = 85/15 Column Flow rate: 13 µl/min Injection volume: 1 µl caffeine (=25ng caffeine), 1 µl water to test carryover. Outside wash of needle before injection: 20 sec with water using flush port Autosampler thermostat: Temperature range: setable from 4 °C to 40 °C in 1 ° increments Temperature accuracy at ambient temperatures < 25 °C and humidity < 50%: – 1°C to + 4 °C at a setpoint of 4 °C Temperature accuracy at ambient temperatures > 25 °C and/or humidity > 50%: – 1°C to + 5 °C at a setpoint of 4 °C Thermostatted colomn compartment: Temperature range: 10 degrees below ambient to 80 °C, up to 80 °C: flow rates up to 5 ml/min Temperature stability: ± 0.15 °C Temperature accuracy: ± 0.8 °C (± 0.5 °C With calibration) Column capacity: Three 30 cm Warm-up/cool-down time: 5 minutes from ambient to 40 °C, 10 minutes from 40 – 20 °C Dead volume: 3 µl Communications: Controller-area network (CAN), GPIB, RS-232C, APG Remote: ready, start, stop and shut-down signals, LAN via other series module Safety and maintenance: Extensive diagnostics, error detection and display (through control module and Agilent ChemStation), leak detection, safe leak handling, leak output signal for shutdown of pumping system. Low voltages in major maintenance areas. Diode array detector: Detection type: 1024-element photodiode array Light source: Deuterium and tungsten lamps Wavelength range: 190 – 950 nm Short term noise (ASTM) Single and Multi-Wavelengt: ± 1 × 10-5 AU at 254 and 750 nm Drift: 2 × 10-3 AU/hr at 254 nm Linear absorbance range: > 2 AU (upper limit) Wavelength accuracy: ± 1 nm Self-calibration with deuterium lines, verification with holmium oxide filter Wavelength bunching: 1 – 400 nm Programmable in steps of 1 nm Slit width: 1, 2, 4 , 8, 16 nm Programmable slit Diode width: < 1 nm Flow cells: 13 µl volume, 10 mm cell path length and 120 bar (1760 psi) pressure maximum Control and data evaluation: Agilent ChemStation for LC Analog outputs: Recorder/integrator: 100 mV or 1 V, output range 0.001 – 2 AU, two outputs Communications: Controller-area network (CAN), GPIB, RS-232C, APG Remote: ready, start, stop and shut-down signals, LAN optional Safety and maintenance: Extensive diagnostics, error detection and display through control module and ChemStation), leak detection, safe leak handling, leak output signal for shutdown of pumping system. Low voltages in major maintenance areas. GLP features: Early maintenance feedback (EMF) for continuous tracking of instrument usage in terms of lamp burn time with user-settable limits and feedback messages. Electronic records of maintenance and errors. Verification of wavelength accuracy with built-in holmium oxide filter. Handheld control module: The control module provides complete local control and monitoring of a single module or an entire Agilent series system. There is no data evaluation in the control module. The control module allows you to do a variety of HPLC tasks including automated sample preparation and injection, isocratic, gradient and multiple method analyses.

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hplc systems
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