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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Grilled shelf for 720 lt models

Jointlab srl€135.00 
(€160.65 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
Grilled shelf for 720 lt models - cover
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Chromed iron grid shelf for 720 lt models

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Miltenyi Biotec autoMACS Pro Separator Cell Isolation System

Principle: Any positive and untouched isolation can be performed to separate target cells from PBMCs (more), cultured cells, and dissociated tissue. In addition, cells can be directly isolated from whole blood or bone marrow using StraightFrom Whole Blood MicroBeads. Overall more than 400 different MicroBeads and Isolation Kits are available. Upon automated separation, labeled cells as well as non-labeled cells are obtained and can be used for a variety of downstream applications such as functional and molecular assays, chimerism analysis, and flow cytometry. To ensure cell viability and integrity, cells are kept cooled in Chill Racks. Monitoring: Pre-set programs for all MACS MicroBeads and Isolation Kits ensure accurate sample handling. Sensors constantly monitor the status of the autoMACS Pro, buffer levels, and column status. This ensures optimal instrument performance and safety of samples and operators. Footprint: With MiniSampler: 605×455 mm (W x D) Height: 392.5-454 mm (adjustable touchscreen) It is a benchtop-sized instrument that will easily fit under a common laminar flow hood. Included Chill Racks: The Chill Racks are pre-cooled in the refrigerator (2–8°C). The special coolant contained in the racks switches from fluid to solid at 8°C and maintains a low temperature until the coolant is completely melted. The phase switch is visible. Do not cool racks below 0°C as cell samples may freeze! 1x Reagents rack 1x Chill 5 Rack: contains 24 slots for 5 mL tubes and can be used for cell separations of up to 6 samples. 4x Chill 15 Rack: contains 15 slots for 15 mL tubes and 5 slots for 5 mL tubes. It can be used for cell separations of up to 5 samples. 1x Chill 50 Rack: contains 6 slots for 50 mL tubes, 3 slots for 15 mL tubes, and 3 slots for 5 mL tubes. Up to 3 cell samples can be handled with a Chill 50 Rack.

€5,750.00 ex VAT
general laboratory equipment other
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