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Defender 5000 Ohaus

Jointlab srl€1,025.00 
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Description by the supplier

The OHAUS Defender 5000 Series is a high-performance bench scale, expressly designed for industry needs such as manufacturing, packaging, inventory management, and shipping. Enhanced by intelligent features such as fully customizable print output, GMP/GLP data output, library and user management, this model provides multiple connectivity options for added convenience.

• Comprehensive control panel

• Robust stainless steel platform

• Simple data management

Key Features:

Interactive Indicator:

This model offers a large, backlit display, complete with an alphanumeric keyboard and functional keys to streamline user interaction. Clear on-screen prompts and indicators adeptly guide user navigation during use.

Superior Industrial Durability:

Built to endure heavy industrial use, the Defender boasts a stainless steel platform, painted steel frame, and an aluminum load cell. Engineered to comply with OIML/CE standards, the 5000 Series serves both general purpose and legal-for-trade applications. This extreme durability combined with an economical pricing, makes it a value-for-money choice for standard industrial requirements.

Versatile Application Modes and Extensive Storage:

The 5000 Series offers popular industrial modes, supporting a library of 50,000 items and 1,000 user profiles. These can be easily downloaded/uploaded via an SD card, making the setup process more efficient. The feature of GMP/GLP with time/date function aids in maintaining the traceability of results.

Multiple Connectivity Options:

Data may be stored on a Micro SD card, while data transmission can occur through standard RS232 or optional interfaces, including RS232/RS485/USB device, Ethernet and Bluetooth/WiFi, as well as analog output, and discrete I/O with relay.

TD52 Indicator:

This new feature compiles clear results on a large, backlit LCD matrix display. The alphanumeric keyboard facilitates user-friendly configuration, supported by step-by-step on-screen guidance.

Extensive Applications:

From piece counting with advanced automatic optimization software to dynamic weighing and display hold, the Defender 5000 Series caters to a wide array of industrial uses.

There are myriad options under the Defender 5000 Series, differentiated by the capacity/resolution, control panel type (standard or stainless steel), platform size, and scale type (box or column). This line includes models starting with D52P featuring ABS plastic panel, and models with the code D52XWxxxx featuring stainless steel control panel.

Whether it's a front panel control scale or one mounted on a column, OHAUS Defender 5000 Series has it all. Feel free to reach out for model-specific prices or any additional information you seek. Our team of specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

Product details
Control panelDisplay LCD
Unit of measureCustomizable; Gram; Kilogram; Metric tons; Ounce; Pound Pound: Ounce; Tonne
SupplyAC power supply (included); Rechargeable battery (not included)
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€3,500.00 ex VAT
€4,165.00 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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€645.00 ex VAT
€767.55 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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