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Defender 2000 Ohaus

Jointlab srl€415.00 
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Description by the supplier

Boasting OHAUS's renowned precision, the Defender 2000 offers unrivaled industrial and commercial weighing applications at an unmatched cost. Whether your budget is big or small, this equipment's standard features cater to each user's needs.

Key features include:

- Robust construction: The platform is crafted from polished 430 stainless steel, supported by a frame made of painted carbon steel and aluminum alloy. This design ensures endurance and longevity in industrial weighing contexts.

- IP65 load cell: This feature guarantees protection against dust and water, ensuring the device's durability and reliability.

- Visible red LED display: Offering clear readability, the red LED display enhances workflow and efficiency.

- Internal rechargeable battery: To alleviate the need for constant recharging or replacement.

The Defender 2000's applications range from simple weighing and piece counting to calculating summation. It operates using an AC adapter (included) or a rechargeable battery (included). Communication operates via RS232, available as a separate accessory.

This equipment's structure features an ABS indicator, a 430 stainless steel platform with a painted tubular steel frame, and an IP65 aluminum load cell. Its construction boasts an ABS plastic housing indicator, touch keys, and an optional RS232C with manual, continuous, and interval printing capabilities, and a hardware configuration lock switch.

The internal rechargeable lead-acid battery and AC adapter are crafted for user convenience, alongside piece counting software with sample size selection and a weighing totalization (summation) function. This device is equipped with selectable life calibration points, medium level, auto-zero tracking, and an auto power-off feature for energy-saving purpose.

The stainless steel plate sits atop a carbon painted steel tubular frame. Non-slip rubber feet with locking nuts, and an externally visible level bubble, provide additional stability and precision. The aluminum alloy IP65 load cell, equipped with overload protection drop stops, underscores the device's durability and reliability.

Product details
Control panelDisplay LED
Unit of measureKilogram; Gram; Pound
SupplyAC adapter (included); Rechargeable battery (included), 80 hours
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