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Deep Freezer U 901 B Medical Systems

Jointlab srl
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Description by the supplier

This high-capacity ultra-low freezer (or deep freezer) is intended for the meticulous storage of blood and plasma components, human cells, tissues, and other laboratory samples at extremely low temperatures, reaching -86°C. Our sophisticated "U" models are designed with the most advanced technology, reflecting unyielding and stringent requirements. Their cooling systems are superbly designed to ensure low energy consumption and minimal heat production. These medical devices are compliant with EU MDR (2017/745) Class IIa.

Control Panel and Software Features

Easily monitor and control all parameters via the 7" color touchscreen display positioned at eye level. The display shows time, input voltage, and login status. A card reader and password protect lock mechanism ensure secure access. In case of unexpected temperature changes and power failure, an audio-visual alarm system with remote transmission is activated. Comprehensive data management is achieved via B Software using an Ethernet interface. The system is also equipped with an alarm memory and history monitor, a USB port for quick data export, and a backup battery lasting at least 48 hours.

Safety and Assurance

This equipment offers accurate temperatures and continuous 24-hour storage. B Medical Systems' safety standards provide unique technical specifications that guarantee the safe storage of preparations and maintain high safety standards for users. The air cooling system assures a stable distribution of temperature. Defrosting happens automatically whilst maintaining a stable temperature. The safety thermostat prevents freezing and rapidly restores temperature after repeated door openings.


Our products have met all necessary compliance standards as outlined by industry regulators, including the MDR (EU), EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive, FDA-Medical Device Regulations, and CCSAus certification for various voltage and hertz models. Moreover, they are rated for clean room classification as per GMP and ISO class 6 standards.

Efficiency and Durability

Our PREMIUM line delivers advanced technology suitable for laboratories, research centers, and hospitals. B Medical Systems applies decades of design and construction experience to offer the finest instruments in the market. The device's design is optimized for energy efficiency, making use of eco-friendly refrigerant R290 and minimizing cold air loss. A corrosion-free structure constructed with high-quality polypropylene adds to the machine's durability.

Remote Control

The option to connect your machines to the °B connected online software allows for impressive control of all your B-Medical-Systems. Monitor temperature, component status, and record of alarms in real-time. The software also allows for customizable data printing, easy alarm setting via email or SMS alerts, and third-party software data exporting.

Notable Features

Experience maximum reliability and efficiency with our high-performance compressor, ergonomic handle, and superior insulation. Our low noise, low heat emission machine also comes with modular interior equipment, antibacterial coating, and easy access to internal drawers-trays. The multifunctional electronics comprise an audio-visual alarm system, electronic temperature recorder, and a data backup battery. Our units are versatile, modular, and compatible with all previous rack models in the "U" series. Optional cryo racks are available on request.

Product details
Temperature °C-86...-20
External dimensions mm L x P x A1139 x 1039 x 1988
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A887 x 738 x 1375
Internal capacity949/900 liters Gross / Net
Power W2000W
Net internal capacity900
Absorption12.4 (kWh/24h)
Weight kg320
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