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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Safety cabinet for chemicals and corrosives CSB60 MULTIRISK CHEMISAFE

Jointlab srl€1,012.00 
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Description by the supplier

CSB60 ChemiSafe Cabinet

Modular solutions created for the safe and organized storage of chemicals.

- Crafted entirely from electrogalvanized steel sheets of 15/10 mm thickness, shaped through a cold bending process.

- Boasts an external finish comprising of a resilient 90-micron acid-resistant epoxy resin, treated in a thermal tunnel at a temperature of 200°C for maximum durability.

- Utilizes a monocoque construction with feet designed for leveling the cabinets to ensure balance and stability.

- Incorporates simple, single-layer swing doors for easy access.

- Equipped with a lock and key mechanism for enhanced security.

- Offers a door opening at an angle of 110° for convenient retrieval and storage of materials.

- Features an external zip made from corrosion-resistant plastic for added durability.

- Compartments come with fixed retention shelves constructed from plasticized/painted/stainless steel with adjustable height, ensuring flexibility in storage.

- Includes a connection collar of 125 mm in diameter.

- Adheres to the ISO 3864 standards, showcasing standardized pictograms for user-friendly operation.

Supplied features:

- The package consists of 3 plasticized steel shelves, designed to withstand a maximum load of 40 Kg when the weight is distributed evenly.

Optional features:

- Additional shelves

- Timer

- Plinth

- Retention tank

- Door open alarm

- Ventilation system

- Filter

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A600x600x1950
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A595x540x1864
Internal capacity105
SeriesChemicals - MULTIRISK
Weight kg68
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€5,400.00 ex VAT
€6,426.00 incl. VAT if applicable
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