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Safety cabinet for chemicals and corrosives CSB124 MULTIRISK CHEMISAFE

Jointlab srl€1,998.00 
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Description by the supplier

Product Description: CSB60 CHEMISAFE Cabinet

A Modular System for Secure Chemical Storage

Our CSB60 CHEMISAFE cabinet is an entirely constructed 15/10 mm thick electrogalvanized steel sheet, cold bent for maximum durability and strength. The external finish presents with 90 micron epoxy resins treated to resist acid, and hardened in a 200° C thermo-tunnel.

The construction is monocoque and comes complete with adjustable feet for maintaining cabinet balance and level, particularly useful in varied laboratory settings. The interior contains four separately delineated compartments for secure and organized storage of non-flammable chemicals.

The cabinet doors are of a single-layer swing design, opening up to an angle of 110° to allow easy access to the compartments. Each door incorporates a lock and key system for secure storage. All external fittings are of corrosion-resistant plastic to ensure longevity.

Each compartment is equipped with fixed retention shelves of plasticized, painted or stainless steel, adjustable in height for flexible storage allocation. The cabinet includes a standard connection collar Ø 125 mm. All labels and markings adhere to ISO 3864 standards.

Included with the CSB60 CHEMISAFE Cabinet:

- ACID Compartment: Includes 2 plasticized steel shelves

- BASES Compartment: Comes with 2 stainless steel shelves

- TOXIC SUBSTANCES Compartment: Houses 2 painted steel shelves

- HARMFUL PRODUCTS Compartment: Contains 2 painted steel shelves

Each shelf can bear a maximum load of 40 kg when evenly distributed.

Optional Features:

- Additional Shelves

- Integrated Timer

- Cabinet Plinth

- Retention Tank

- Door Open Alert System

- Advanced Ventilation

- Additional Filters

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A1200x600x1950
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A568+568x540x930+930
Internal capacity280 lt
SeriesChemicals - MULTIRISK
Weight kg135
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