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Copley scientific
Potsdam - Germany
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Copley Andersen Cascade Impactor (ACI) 60L -1…F Inhaler Testing for DPI 316L

PROFCONTROL GmbH€4,500.00 
(€5,355.00 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
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The offered instrument / system is fully functional tested and ready to use. FURTHER DETAILS TO FOLLOW


At Profcontrol GmbH we offer reasonably priced lab & research equipment. All devices you find on profcontrol.de are in stock and can be delivered any time. Every product and system is tested and overhauled before being offered in our online shop.

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Manufacturer: Müller - Systems & Handling Model: 0,5 Liter Lidded drums with flat stackable base (2. (more)1/03) P/N: 0100359 We have many different sizes available! Just ask for it or browse our shop! Description: Cylindrical lidded drum in stainless steel Base and lid deep-drawn, body rounded, edging calibrated, body and base seams butt-welded, smoothed and polished, seal vulcanized, clamping ring with hand lever. Key Features: - Stainless Steel 1.4404, rust free- GMP-certified Pharma Quality- flat base = residue-free cleaning Each drum consists of: Clamping ring - (• airtight closing, • sealable, • exchangeable) Sealing - (• in food grade quality, • exchangeable) Lid - (• formed sealing surface, • exchangeable) Body - (• smooth-walled, • easy to clean) Base - (• without beads, • stackable on lid) We have the following sizes available: P/N: 0102593 - 0,1LP/N: 0102594 - 0,2LP/N: 0100359 - 0,5LP/N: 0100360 - 1LP/N: 0100364 - 3LP/N: 0100365 - 5LP/N: 0100366 - 10LP/N: 0100372 - 70LP/N: 0100375 - 100LP/N: 0100376 - 100L Items delivered: - MÜLLER Drum incl. Base 0,5L (flat stackable base)- Müller Lid incl. Sealing- Müller Clamping Ring The drum is in very very good cosmetic as well as functional condition.     Hersteller: Müller - Systems & Handling GmbH Modell: 0,5L Deckelfässer zylindrisch mit Flachboden, Deckel und Spannring (stapelbar) (2.1/03) P/N: 0100359 Beschreibung: Zylindrisches Edelstahldeckelfass Boden und Deckel tiefgezogen, Mantel gerundet, Bordur kalibriert, Mantel- und Bodennaht stumpfgeschweißt, geglättet und verschliffen, Dichtung vulkanisiert, Spannringverschluss mit Handhebel. Kernmerkmale: - Edelstahl 1.4404, rostfrei- GMP-zertifizierte Pharma Qualität- Flachboden = rückstandsfreie Reinigung Jedes Fass besteht aus folgenden Elementen: Spannring - (• zum luftdichten Verschließen, • plombierbar, • auswechselbar) Dichtung - (• in Lebensmittelqualität, • auswechselbar) Deckel - (• mit eingeformtem Dichtungssitz, • auswechselbar) Mantel - (• glattwandig, • leicht zu reinigen) Boden - (• ohne Sicke, • auf Deckel stapelbar) Wir haben weitere Größen dieser Serie auf Lager: P/N: 0102593 - 0,1LP/N: 0102594 - 0,2LP/N: 0100359 - 0,5LP/N: 0100360 - 1LP/N: 0100364 - 3LP/N: 0100365 - 5LP/N: 0100366 - 10LP/N: 0100372 - 70LP/N: 0100375 - 100LP/N: 0100376 - 100L Lieferumfang: - MÜLLER Fass inkl. Flachboden 0,5L (stapelbar)- Müller Lid incl. Sealing- Müller Clamping Ring Das Fass ist in einem absolut neuwertigem Zustand.

€50.00 ex VAT
€59.50 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other

The FLoid Cell Imaging Station is an affordable, user-friendly imaging solution for the quick detect (more)ion and verification of fluorescently-labeled samples. The FLoid Cell Imaging Station captures transmitted light and three-color fluorescent images of your cells and samples right at your benchtop. You do not need to be specially trained or have dedicated staff to operate it. An uncomplicated user interface, streamlined image acquisition process, and real-time, multicolor display allow even imaging novices to produce high-quality images with a few mouse clicks. Cell Data: 3-Color Detection Color: Green, Red, Blue Data Outputs: JPG Files, PNG Files, BMP Files, TIFF Files Detection Method: Fluorescent Display: Adjustable tilt, 15-inch color Emission Wavelength: 446/33 (Blue), 532/59 (Green), 646/68 (Red) Excitation Wavelength: 390/40 (Blue), 482/18 (Green), 586/15 (Red) Filter Type: FITC, Texas Red, DAPI For Use With: All fluorophores compatible with excitation and emission filters Format: Slide(s), Cell Culture Dish, Cell Culture Plate (Multi-Well), Cell Culture Flask (T75), Petri Dish, Coverslip(s) Laser Features: LED based adjustable intensity (50,000 hour life) Magnification: 460X (optical) to 1840X (with digital zoom) Memory: 2 Gb USB Objectives: Numerical Aperture = 0.45, Fixed 20X Plan Fluorite, Working Distance = 5.9 mm Stage: Open-Stage Platform for Most Cell Vessels Camera Type: 1.3 Megapixels, Monochrome, HAD CCD, 1/3 inch Lighting Type: LED Resolution: Image resolution – 1296 x 964 pixels, Display resolution – 1366 x 768 pixels Dimensions (WxHxD): 400 x 540 x 350 mm Weight: 12.7 kg

€14,115.00 ex VAT
general laboratory equipment other
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Oxion OX.2253-PLF-cover
Oxion OX.2253-PLF

Microscope trinocular inverted for fluorescence Oxion OX.2253-PLF with stage mechanical PL Fluarex 1 (more)0/20 / 40x - Rail for 2 filter blocks and with carrying case. SPECIFICATIONS EYE Plan eyepieces DIN wide field HWF 10x / 22 mm HEAD Head trinocular, inclined 45 °. Adjusting the interpupillary distance on the tube-holder left eyepiece • The interpupillary distance is adjustable from 54 to 75 mm • Output trinocular upright for photo/video and selector image 100:0% and 80-20%. REVOLVER HOLDER OBJECTIVES Revolver holder objectives quintuple oriented towards the interior. OBJECTIVES • Objectives long working distance (LWD) Plan Fluarex with correction to infinity. Magnification factors of 10x/0.30, 20x/0.45 and 40x/0.65. All the optics are coated with anti-fungal and anti-reflective to obtain the maximum performance of the light APPROACH Controls, macro focus and fine on-axis coaxial. Precision 2 μm, a total distance of approximately 24 mm. STAGE Plate 250x230mm with stage mechanical X-y 120 x 78 mm Is supplied with the following accessories: · Metal plate for Ø 35mm for the crop. · Plate for fastening of preparations of 76x26mm. · Glass plate. CAPACITOR A. N. 0.30 iris diaphragm. Working distance 72mm. ILLUMINATION FOR FLUORESCENCE It is supplied with 2 filters for fluorescence: · Blue: EX465-495 (BP) DM505 (LP) EM515-558 (BP) · Green: EX520-600 (BP), DM600 (LP) EM605-665 (BP) LIGHTING Transmitted 5W LED with adjustable intensity and internal transformer for 100-240V power. Fuse 3.15 A / 250V. PACKAGING Supplied with power cable, cover anti-dust and manual of instructions.

€10,556.00 ex VAT
general laboratory equipment other
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