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Cooled Incubator SMART ST500 POL-EKO

Jointlab srl€3,480.00 
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Description by the supplier


The ST SMART series by POL-EKO

Built for consistently excellent performance, the versatile ST series incubators are designed to effectively heat and cool samples in diverse work environments.

These lab incubators maintain a stable temperature ranging from 3°C to 40°C with impressive accuracy. With the optional extension, the temperature range can increase up to +70°C. The appliance operates optimally in ambient temperatures between +10°C and +28°C, and between +10°C and +25°C for cooled incubators with a glass door. It's essential to equip all units operating at a setpoint <=5°C with the automatic defrosting function (ST/CHL PLUS) to avoid ice accumulation.

The incubators feature a spacious touch display, LED lighting, alarms, and a lock. Their user-friendly design alongside the programmable temperature and time profiles ensure precision and repeatability during incubations.

Explore further to discover the range of other impressive features the incubators offer!



Distinguishable by their internal chamber materials, shelf materials, and class of safety, the three variants in the ST series cater to your specific needs without straining your budget.

BASIC: Features an aluminum interior, metal grid shelves, and complies with safety class 1.0 as per DIN 12880.

COMFORT: Comprises of a stainless steel interior as per DIN 1.4016, stainless steel grill shelves, and adheres to safety class 1.0.

PREMIUM: Includes an interior made from acid-resistant stainless steel as per DIN 1.4301, stainless steel grill shelves, and conforms to safety class 2.0.

Enhance the appearance of your ST refrigerated incubator with the optional ST-INOX accessory, allowing you to switch the standard powder-coated sheet metal exterior with polished stainless steel.



Our SMART control panel, complete with large symbols and temperature values, ensures easy reading and usage. It even responds efficiently to touch commands through latex gloves. With this panel's state-of-the-art touch screen, all values are clearly visible from any angle, irrespective of light intensity.

Want more? Upgrade to the SMART PRO controller for cutting-edge features including data transfer and remote functionality.


- Crystal clear 4.3' color touch screen

- Swift and simple data transfer through LAN or USB

- Rapid, multi-segment time and temperature programming

- Vibrant and audible alarms displayed by colored bar on the screen

- Internal memory for program and data conservation

- User manual accessible directly from the controller

- Loop function permitting 255 repetitions or infinite looping

- Can be operated while wearing latex gloves

- Records the lowest, mean, and highest temperature value per segment

- Provides an overview of parameters during operation

- Offers temperature or time priority mode

- And much more!


Built to endure, POL-EKO incubators offer dependable high performance. Invest in these models for reliable and consistent results over extended periods of unmatched comfort and ease.

The ST SMART series incubators are made of top-grade materials, equipped with crucial accessories offering a standard product that meets all your needs.

Standard Features:

- Insulated door with lock

- Internal LED light

- USB port and LAN port

- Open-door alarm

- External sensor access port

- Quality control protocol (in +37°C)

- Available with FOT for phytoperiodic system and day-night simulation.

Model Selection:

BASIC: Aluminum interior, wire shelves, over temperature protection class 1.0.

COMFORT: Stainless steel interior, stainless steel wire shelves, over temperature protection class 1.0.

PREMIUM: Acid-resistant stainless steel interior, stainless steel wire shelves, over temperature protection class 2.0.


POL-EKO presents a series of 10 refrigerated incubator models with capacities ranging from 70 to 1540 liters. The ST series includes multi-chamber models with independently controlled internal compartments for space conservation and multi-temperature testing. Mixed multichamber combinations, such as incubator-refrigerator or incubator-freezer are also available.

Detailed Features and Accessories:

Front and Rear Views:

1 - Rating plate

2 - Temperature sensor

3 - Shelf

4 - External sensor access port

5 - Adjustable feet

6 - Solid door

7 - Ventilation

8 - Lock

9 - Touch screen control panel

10 - USB Port

11 - Door open sensor

For large models:

a - Anchor rods

b - Integrated power cable

c - Fuse

d - Main switch

e - LAN port


Enhance your incubator's potential with quality accessories from POL-EKO.

- Choice of internal or external glass doors

- Grid shelves

- Stainless steel grill shelves

- Perforated or reinforced shelves

- Stainless steel basins

- Aluminum or stainless steel drawer with guides

- Wheels and coffee table with wheels

- Automatic defrost function

- Heating up to 70°C

- Photoperiodic system (POT)

- LabDesk software

- IQ OQ PQ calibration and qualification

- Overtemperature protection class 3.3

- Backup battery, dry alarm contact, LAN cable

- Customizable 20/60/100 mm access door.

Product details
Temperature °C+3... +40
External dimensions mm L x P x A600 x 650 x 1900
Internal dimensions mm L x P x AInterior with steps: download the technical data sheet for precise measurements
Control panelColor touchscreen SMART
Shelves and drawers4 shelves (10 max.)
TimerMultifunction timer
Safety class1.0 BASIC / COMFORT; 2.0 PREMIUM
Internal volume lt500
Power W350 W
Warranty12 month ex works. 24 months for spare parts.
Type of refrigerantR290
Readability0,1 °C
Cooling tecnologyCompressor
Weight kgAbout 90
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
Temperature fluctuation (in time)+/- 0.3 @ 37°C
Temperature variation (in space)+/- 0.6 @ 37°C
Air convectionForced
Port for external sensorØ 30 mm
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