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Cooled Incubator SMART ILW 115 POL-EKO

Jointlab srl€3,810.00 
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The ILW incubators are unmatched in their stable and secure incubation of samples, making them ideal for any workspace. They uphold a steady temperature from 0°C to 70°C (please note, the automatic defrosting function, ILW PLUS, is required for all units operating at a set point <=5°C to prevent ice build-up). Remarkably, a version with the ability to reach -10 °C is available optionally, and the SMART PRO version can extend the heating range to +100 °C.

Furthermore! The large touch display, alarms, lock, as well as easily cleanable stainless steel interiors make these incubators extremely user-friendly. With time and temperature profile programming, high precision and repeatable incubations are achievable without difficulty.

Intriguingly, the list goes on! Continue reading to explore all the other exceptional features of these incubators.


Outperforming any available options, the SMART control panel offers complete control. Its large symbols addition to precise temperature readings ensure comfortable and clear use. Its modern touch screen remains responsive even when handled with latex gloves, presenting large display values that are effortlessly readable from any angle, irrespective of light intensity.


- Crisp 4.3' color touch screen

- Swift and straightforward data transfer: through LAN or USB

- Rapid, multi-segment, time, and temperature programing

- Visual and audible alarms with colored display bar

- Inbuilt memory for programs and data storage

- User manual directly downloadable from the controller

- Loop function up to 255 times or infinite

- Controls manageable even with latex gloves

- Temperature value recording (minimum, average, and maximum) for each segment

- Display of set and current parameters during operation

- Operation in temperature or time priority mode

- ... among other extraordinary features

Always desiring more? POL-EKO has foresaw it. For those seeking top-of-the-range functions coupled with transfer freedom and remote use, POL-EKO introduces the SMART PRO controller. The differences between SMART and SMART PRO panels can be found in our detailed post: insights on SMART and SMART PRO. Also, with SMART PRO versions more accessories and options are available.


Robust. Long-lasting.

POL-EKO incubators are ingeniously designed to ensure peak performance. They represent a wise investment for those who are future-focused about their laboratories. These products guarantee precisely accurate results for many years, reliably giving complete comfort.

The ILW SMART series incubators are built with the finest materials, equipped with essential accessories for a comprehensive and ready-to-use standard product.

- Double door: sturdy exterior; glass interior

- Acid-resistant stainless steel interior per DIN 1.4301

- Insulated door with lock

- Protection class 2.0

- Optional Protection class 3.3 (DIN 12880)

- Stainless steel shelves

- USB port for downloading recorded data, events, manuals, services

- LAN port

- Open door alarm

- External sensor access port

- Available in special models FOT (SMART version) and FIT (SMART PRO version)

FOCUS: Photoperiodic (FOT) and phytotron (FIT) devices enable day/night simulation. The FOT version allows light switch on and off control via display programming, whereas the FIT version allows light intensity control as well. More information can be found in the downloadable PDF: The Photoperiodic (FOT) and Phytotron (FIT) Systems by POL-EKO.


POL-EKO offers 5 refrigerated incubator models with capacities ranging from 56 to 749 litres. The ILW series are exclusively available in the forced air version.


Every element of POL-EKO models is meticulously designed for simple and comfortable routine work. Here are front and back views of your future drying, analysis or testing ovens.

Front Layout:

1 - Rating plate

2 - External sensor access port

3 - Internal glass door

4 - Shelf

5 - Condenser housing

6 - Solid external door

7 - Temperature sensor

8 - Ventilation

9 - Door open sensor

10 - Touch screen control panel

11 - USB port

12 - Lockable handle

Back Layout:

1 - Main switch

2 - Adjustable feet

3 - LAN port

4 - Fuse

5 - Main power socket C20


POL-EKO provides quality accessories to enhance your incubator's functionality, adapt to specific applications or upgrade the instrument with advanced safety systems and connections. The picture features the FIT system (phytotron) for ILW SMART PRO models.

- Door with observation window

- Stainless steel shelf

- Perforated shelf

- Stainless steel basins

- Automatic defrost function

- Version up to -10°C

- Reinforced version

- Interior light

- Photoperiodic system

- Internal socket

- LabDesk software

- IQ OQ PQ calibration and qualification

- Overtemperature protection class 3.3 following DIN 12880

- Power failure backup battery for the display

- Dry alarm contact

- LAN cable

- Non-standard 20/60/100 mm access door

- Additional 30 mm access door

Product details
Temperature °C0...+70
External dimensions mm L x P x A660 x 720 x 1140
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A460 x 450 x 540
Control panelColor touchscreen SMART
Shelves and drawers2 shelves (7 max.)
TimerMultifunction timer
Safety class2
Internal volume lt112
Power W500 W
Warranty12 month ex works. 24 months for spare parts.
Readability0,1 °C
Cooling tecnologyCompressor
VariousDouble door: internal glass; full exterior
MaterialsAcid-resistant stainless steel interior; powder-coated sheet metal exterior
Weight kg90
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
Temperature fluctuation (in time)+/- 0.2 @ 37°C
Temperature variation (in space)+/- 0.3 @ 37°C
Air convectionForced
Port for external sensorØ 30 mm
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