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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Jointlab srl€1,608.00 
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Description by the supplier

The CombiStorage 60 Fire Type 90 ChemiSafe Safety Cabinet is a robust and secure laboratory storage solution. Entirely constructed from 1 - 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel sheet with an external gray (RAL7035) finishing. The external surface features an acid-resistant epoxy coating, applied through a 200 °C thermal tunnel for enhanced resilience.

Internally, high-density rock wool insulation and calcium sulphate panels reinforce the cabinet's integrity, whereas melamine panels provide protection against chemical and corrosive vapors. To ensure long-term reliability, the cabinet permits easy spare parts replacement if necessary.

The cabinet doors are designed with automatic closure functionality when room temperatures exceed 50 °C, an indispensable safety feature also supported by 30 mm heat-expanding insulating gaskets, which provide an airtight seal, fully in compliance with the EN14470-1 standard.

The cabinet accommodates air inlet and outlet with fire dampers, which cease airflow when temperature exceeds 70 °C, in accordance with DIN 4102-6. It is prepared for ventilation via a Ø 100 mm flange, permitting an external or a filtration ventilation method.

The doors, ideally self-locking for enhanced safety, can also remain open and will automatically close in ambient temperatures above 50 °C. The anti-spark hinge bolster door stability while the cabinet sits firmly on its adjustable leveling feet.

The cabinet comes standard with height-adjustable shelves in painted or stainless steel, secured with aluminum pins to prevent the risk of sparking. It also includes fire-resistant shelves, and features pictograms in adherence to ISO 3864 standards. The cabinet is certified as per EN14470 and EN16121 standards. The default configuration features a left-side door opening, however, the option for right-side is available upon request.

Its interior compartments, separated by resilient 18 mm thick HPL panels and thermo-expanding gaskets, offer customization for diversified chemical storage.

Standard supply includes:

- Flammables Compartment: featuring a painted steel shelf and a retention tank with grid.

- Acid/Base Compartment: equips 3 plastic-coated steel shelves, each capable of bearing a maximum load of 60 kg when evenly distributed.


Supplementary shelves, a visual and acoustic alarm system, timer, fire extinguisher, electric aspirator, activated carbon filter, and a molecular suction system are offered optionally.

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A595x600x1950
Internal dimensions mm L x P x A496x446x680+842
Internal capacity80/100 lt
SeriesFlammables and chemicals - COMBISTORAGE
Weight kg215
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