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AREC 7 Connect Velp system with probe pt 100

Jointlab srl€649.00 
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Description by the supplier

The AREC 7 Connect Magnetic Stirrer System encompasses a Pt100 probe (code A00000268) and a magnetic stir bar with dimensions Ø8x40 mm (code A00000356).

Boasting innovative heating plate technology curated by VELP, the AREC 7 Connect ensures thermal efficiency, resilient heating performance, and superior temperature uniformity. It can link to a Pt100 external probe, enabling precise thermoregulation of fluids. It is a promising choice for temperature-sensitive applications in chemistry, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, ensuring stable and accurate thermoregulation up to 300°C with a ± 0.5°C precision.

This system accommodates a strong magnetic connection that allows stirring up to 20 liters (H2O), making it suitable for a wide array of applications including chemical, pharmaceutical, and microbiological. With SpeedServo™ technology, stirring speed remains constant, regardless of viscosity changes.

The AREC 7 Connect prioritizes operational safety. Designed entirely with technopolymer, it comes with a highly resistant ceramic plate, providing increased resistance against acids, solvents, and bases. Safety features include a heat-induced warning signal and a control panel positioned safely away from heat sources. Moreover, accidental spills cannot reach the electronics due to the thoughtfully designed technopolymer structure.

The new control panel and its dual digital display make data monitoring easier. Two handy knobs adjust the temperature to 550°C and stirring speed to 1700 rpm. The breakthrough low-profile design ensures comfort on a bench or within a laboratory hood.

Exclusive capabilities enhance laboratory efficiency, including an integrated timer, autorverse for enhanced mixing, intermittent mode for scheduled operations, acoustic signals for timers and alarms, and a safety lock function.

Post-purchase package includes the heating magnetic stirrer, instruction manual, magnetic stir bar, and power supply cable.

The AREC 7 Connect seamlessly integrates with VELP ERMES Cloud Platform through built-in Wi-Fi technology. This platform allows real-time monitoring and control of your stirrer, reducing daily manual and repetitive operations. Access your instrument data and working conditions anytime, anywhere through a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Other capabilities include protecting analytical data, sharing reports with your team, and receiving immediate notifications of events and alarms.

Directions to connect your AREC 7 with ERMES are provided in the dedicated guide. Purchase also ensures top-tier support from VELP's authorized service centers.

Product details
Stirring Speed Range30 - 1700 rpm
Max. stirring volume20 liters
Heating plateYes
External dimensions mm L x P x A203 x 344 x 94
Position size180 x 180 mm
Weight kg3.3
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
Plate materialCeramic
Cloud / Wifi connectionYes
Standard accessorypt100 probe
Max. stirring speed1700 rpm
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