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Thermo TriPlus AS autosampler

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For Sale: refurbished Thermo TriPlus AS autosampler


Also available:

CTC autosamplers for Thermo GC’s

Parts and consumables for Thermo Triplus samplers

Complete Thermo GC systems


We are not a agent/reseller. All products on our website are in stock and can be delivered with installation by our own service engineers. All systems are delivered with warranty!

Ask us for other Thermo autosampler, CTC autosampler or more: [email protected]

About Lab2

LAB2 is specialized in refurbishment or used analytical instruments of the major brands, like Agilent Tech, Thermo, Waters, Shimadzu, Perkin Elmer, CTC Analytics, Varian and more. Through the years we have developed into one of the most reliable partners worldwide.

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Agilent 7693A autoinjector (G4513A)-cover
Agilent 7693A autoinjector (G4513A)

For sale: refurbished Agilent 7693A autoinjector for 7890 GC Optional: autosampler vial tray (ask fo (more)r more info)   Full tested and warranty We are not a agent/reseller. All products on our website are in stock and can be delivered with installation by our own service engineers. All systems are delivered with warranty! We can deliver also other modules of Agilent autoinjectors. Like Agilent 7683 with 100 vial tray 7693A Automatic Liquid Sampler The Agilent 7693A ALS (Automatic Liquid Sampler) provides reliable, fast, and precise injections for Agilent GC and GC/MS systems. Start with a tower and 16 vials. Expand to the 150 vial tray. Features 150 sample vial tray allows longer unattended operation Dual simultaneous injection saves time by doubling sample throughput Fast injection technology minimizes needle discrimination and enables use of external standards Sandwich injections of three layers eliminate manual error from internal standard, surrogate, or protectant additions Sample heater and mixer dramatically improves high molecular weight chromatographic results Heat the entire tray or cool it to sub-ambient temperatures to meet your lab’s needs Modular design allows the flexibility to easily move the sampler from GC to GC or start with a single injector and upgrade as needed Priority sample capability. There is no need to stop the sequence to add next most important sample Barcode reader allows the system to perform specific actions on mismatch, ensuring chain of custody Agilent Barcode Printing Solution. Extend the useful life of the 6890N GC by upgrading aging autoinjectors to 7693A

automated liquid handling
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Müller AWN 600/MAASS Wastewater Neutralization/scrubber Systems-cover
Müller AWN 600/MAASS Wastewater Neutralization/scrubber Systems

This is a completely overhauled laboratory scrubber / scrubber to connect to a fume hood. The scrubb (more)er neutralizes the air from the fume hood before it is blown out. MAASS Vertical air washer: Type MAASS, can be connected as an additional element next to the fume cupboard. The washing principle, which uses a newly developed bell bottom, is characterized by a particularly high efficiency with very low water and energy consumption. The water, which serves as a washing liquid, is led to the bell bottom by a maintenance-free, low-noise circulation pump. The air extracted in the fume cupboard is led through this bell bottom and, in combination with the washing water, creates a very strong bubbling effect, so that separation levels of up to 96% of the contaminants are achieved. The laboratory exhaust air system, type MAASS, works fully automatically and is virtually maintenance-free. The washing machine is controlled by a compact programmable controller. The wash water is automatically topped up and topped up via level control, which also protects the pump against starting and running dry. The contaminated wash water is discharged via a motorized ball valve with a large, free cross-section. Capacity: 600 – 900 m3/h AWN 600 Neutralization system for laboratory waste water: The waste water neutralization type AWN can be integrated as a further element in the fume cupboard substructure. It serves to neutralize acid and/or alkaline waste water from the scrubber or from the laboratory room. The neutralization system type AWN works according to the batch principle. The capacity is adapted for use in the laboratory with a maximum of 600l/h. The waste water is collected in the integrated collecting tank and, when the desired level is reached, transferred to the neutralization tank. Subsequently, lye or acid is dosed periodically with constant pH value registration and circulation according to the set final pH value. The wastewater neutralization holding tank can be refilled during the neutralization process, virtually eliminating waiting times during ongoing laboratory operations. After reaching the final set pH value, the neutralized medium is pumped into the sewer via a 3-way motorized ball valve.

€8,860.00 ex VAT
atomic absorption instruments
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