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Alltech 631 Column Heater for HPLC

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Alltech 631 Column Heater for HPLC

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Biomatyx is a used laboratory equipment supplier with a varied and competent network. The company operates as a distributor internationally and buys and sell used machinery and equipment for analytical, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical laboratories.

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CRUMA ECO2 fume hood. It does not need an evacuation duct to the outside. Absorption through active  (more)carbon filters. You can attach up to two filters. Average volume of treated air of 160 m3/h. Nine air changes in the cabin per min. Average air speed of 0.50 m/s. Anemometer. Filter saturation detection system. Measurements (width/depth/height): internal 778x569x760 mm; external 798x600x1012 mm. User manual. Note: the carbon filter is not included in the price as it varies depending on the customer's needs. The CRUMA ECO2 fume hood is recommended for applications where a large work area is required and the compounds used are highly volatile. If, in addition, the processes involved generate fumes or aerosols, we will include an absolute HEPA filter. (GS model) G MODELS (for gas and vapor filtration) GS MODELS (for filtration of gases, vapours, solids and aerosols) Type G hoods are those that mount a filter medium made up of a single active carbon filter (with or without impregnation) and are applied to gas filtration. The GS type cabinets are equipped with a filtering medium made up of a double carbon-HEPA filter and are applied to the filtration of gases and particles (solids and/or aerosols). The designation D indicates that it is an absolute HEPA filter of class H14 (according to standard EN-1822) that is incorporated as a filter prior to the activated carbon filter in those applications that generate solids and/or aerosols. All showcases are equipped with a synthetic biofibre pre-filter, class G4 (according to standard EN-779) for the retention of atmospheric dust. TYPES OF FILTERS TYPE A.- For organic vapors such as: ketones, ethers, alcohols, xylenes... It can eventually be used for inorganic acids, but as long as they are not very abundant, since this activated carbon does not have impregnation and the excess of acid vapors would saturate it quickly. TYPE BE.- For inorganic acid vapors such as: H2SO4, HCl, HNO3, as well as volatile sulfur compounds such as H2S, SO3,… It can be used with organic vapors since the activated carbon incorporates impregnations of metallic compounds and neutralizing salts. It is equally recommended to filter organics and inorganics when they are produced in similar proportions. TYPE F.- For vapors of formaldehyde, formaldehyde and derivatives; also good for other organic compounds. The carbon has a Cu impregnation, so it should never be used with inorganic acid vapours. TYPE K.- For NH3 and amine vapors; also good for other organic compounds. The carbon carries an impregnation of metal salt complexes. ABEK TYPE.- Mixed type to be used when the proportions between organic, inorganic and NH3/amines are similar. TYPE D.- HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) H-14 filter (according to standard EN-1822:1998) for filtering dust particles and fumes.

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