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THERMO SCIENTIFIC TX-400 swinging bucket rotor for laboratory centrifuge

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THERMO SCIENTIFIC TX-400 swinging bucket rotor for laboratory centrifuge

Reference: TX-400 (75003629)

Boats (75003655) of 4 x 400ml without lids

Max. Speed: 5000 rpm

With 4 adapters 75003680 (2 of the 4 adapters have broken handling rods)

Capacity: 76 x 5/7ml

Max. Tube Length: 110mm

Max. Tube Diameter: 13mm

Tube Type: 5/7ml Blood Collection Tube

Compatible with :

Thermo Scientific Sorvall™ ST16, SL16, Sorvall Legend™ X1, Multifuge™ X1, Megafuge™ 16 Centrifuge Series

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€350.00 ex VAT
centrifuges, benchtop centrifuges
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€475.00 ex VAT
€565.25 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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