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Densitometer are instruments that are used to determine the optical density of a semitransparent material or a reflecting surface. Transmission densitometers are used to measure how much light passes through transparent materials and reflection densitometers measure how much light reflects from a surface.

Portable density meter DENSITO METTLER TOLEDO-cover
Portable density meter DENSITO METTLER TOLEDO

METTLER TOLEDO DENSITO portable density meter Measurement range: 0 g / cm3 - 3 g / cm3 Accuracy ±: 0 (more).001 g / cm3 Repeatability: 0.0005 Sample temperature range: 0.0001 g / cm³ The instrument is equipped with: - 190 mm fill tube (tube, syringe connector / fill tube, washer), 2,400 mAh lithium-ion battery, international power supply and adapters, USB-C cable, density standard (3 pcs) 6 ml, manual for l user, declaration of conformity, test report - Specifications - Handheld Density Meter, Densite Measurement range: 0 g / cm3 - 3 g / cm3 Accuracy ± 0.001 g / cm3 Repeatability 0.0005 Resolution: 0.0001 g / cm³ Sample temperature range: 0°C - 50°C Temperature resolution: 0.1°C Minimum sample size: 2 mL Temperature accuracy (±) 0.2°C Usage temperature: -10°C - 50°C Unit of measurement (2): API; Baumé; Brix; Density; Ethanol (alcohol); H2SO4; Proof (US and IP); Plato degree; Specific weight; User-defined concentration Temperature compensation: Automatic Analysis methods: 30 Results memory 1100 English languages; Chinese; German; Spanish; French; Italian; Portuguese; Bahasa Indonesia; Korean; Polish; Russian; Thai; Turkish Screen (2): 2.4 'color display Display: 2.4 inch display and control with buttons and joysticks Navigation: Buttons and joysticks Connectivity: USB-A; USB-C Software (optional): Connectivity with EasyDirect De Re Color-coded result identification: Yes Password lock: Yes Security: Password protection Power supply: Li-ion battery; Rechargeable and removable battery Weight: 355 g

Supplier: Jointlab srl