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Raman spectrometers

Raman spectrometers are analytical instruments that use Raman scattering to identify and characterize chemical compounds. Raman scattering is a process by which a sample is irradiated with a laser, and the scattered light is analyzed to determine the vibrational modes of the sample's molecules. These vibrational modes are unique to each chemical compound, allowing for identification and characterization. Raman spectr (more)ometers are commonly used in fields such as chemistry, pharmaceutics, materials science, and biology. They can be used to identify unknown substances, determine the composition of mixtures, and study the molecular structure and dynamics of a wide range of materials. Raman spectrometers come in a variety of configurations, including handheld and portable models for field use, benchtop models for laboratory use, and high-end research-grade instruments for advanced research applications. In addition to identifying and characterizing chemical compounds, Raman spectrometers can also be used for imaging and mapping applications. Raman imaging allows for the visualization of the distribution of specific molecules within a sample, providing valuable insights into the structure and composition of complex materials. Raman mapping can be used to create spatially resolved maps of chemical composition, allowing for the identification and localization of specific compounds within a sample.

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