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Shimadzu RF-10AXL
LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.
Zevenhuizen - Netherlands
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Shimadzu RF-10AXL Fluorescence Detector

LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.€4,999.00 (ex VAT)
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Description by the supplier

Light source: High Precision Xenon lamp

Excitation/emission monochromators: Concave, blazed holographic grating monochromators

Measuring wavelength range: 200 – 650 nm

Spectral bandwidth: 15 nm both in the excitation and emission sides

Wavelength accuracy: ±2 nm

Wavelength reproducibility: ±0.2 nm

Sensitivity: The S/N ratio is 300 for the Raman line of distilled water (350nm excitation wavelength and 1.5 sec. time constant)

Detector: Photomultiplier

Cell (volume, pressure,material): 12 =L, approx. 20kgf/cm2 (2MPa) SUS316, Quartz, PTFE

Wavelength scanning: Possible both for excitation and emission wavelengths.

Time programming: Wavelengths parameters may be programmed in up to 32 steps

Dimensions (WxDxH): 260 x 520 x 205 mm

Weight: 17kg

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€4,500.00 ex VAT
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