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Agilent 1260 Infinity II
Potsdam - Germany
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Agilent 1260 Infinity II FLD Spectra G7121B Fluorescence Detector Fluoreszenz

PROFCONTROL GmbH€10,000.00 
(€11,900.00 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
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The offered instrument / system is fully functional tested and ready to use. FURTHER DETAILS TO FOLLOW


At Profcontrol GmbH we offer reasonably priced lab & research equipment. All devices you find on profcontrol.de are in stock and can be delivered any time. Every product and system is tested and overhauled before being offered in our online shop.

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Agilent 1260 Fluorescence Detector

Agilent Infinity 1260 Fluorescence Detector (FLD) G1321B Spectra. Firmware A.07.02 8 ul Flow Cell. K (more)eeps original packaging. The FLD provides quantitative data and fluorescence spectra from a single run. Simultaneous detection of multiple wavelengths improves sensitivity and selectivity. Features include: Rotating gratings for on-line, multi-signal spectral data acquisition without loss of sensitivity. Lower limits of detection with Raman S/N > 3000 (using dark signal noise reference). Spectra and quantitative data from a single run. Simplified optical design to optimize baseline stability. Resolution gain of up to 100% in fast LC using 145 Hz data acquisition rate. Long life xenon lamp for maximum sensitivity. Long life flash lamp (> 4000 hours). Easy front access allows quick inspection or change of the flow cell. Agilent Infinity 1260 Fluorescence Detector (FLD) G1321B Spectra. Lower detection limits and easier spectral analysis for HPLC and UHPLC. As a stand-alone detector or configured in an automated system, the Agilent 1260 Infinity Spectra Fluorescence Detector brings highly sensitive fluorescence detection to your lab. This easy-to-use detector provides quantitative data and fluorescence spectra from a single signal. Simultaneous multiple wavelength detection improves sensitivity and selectivity. Use online spectral information for rapid method optimization and separation quality verification. High-speed fluorescence detection data processing up to 145Hz, keeping pace with ultra-fast LC analysis speed.

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For sale: refurbished Waters 2475 Multi-Wavelength Fluorescence Detector   Also available: Waters 26 (more)95 Alliance HPLC systems Other Waters Detectors Parts for 2475 detector Complete Waters HPLC systems   We are not a agent/reseller. All products on our website are in stock and can be delivered with installation by our own service engineers. All systems are delivered with warranty! We can deliver maintenance and repair services for Waters Alliance systems by our own engineers   The Waters 2475 Fluorescence Detector offers unsurpassed sensitivity for quantifying low concentrations of target compounds, whether naturally fluorescent or derivatized with a fluorescent tag. The 2475 FLR Detector sets the standard for fluorescence method development with 3D and “on-the-fly” spectral scanning for determining the optimal emission and excitation wavelengths, and has the ability to monitor up to four independent wavelength pairs.   Features: Innovative axially illuminated flow cell designed for less dispersion, less stray light, less volume, and more pathlength for maximum sensitivity Three-dimensional spectral scanning for faster method development and optimization, and enhanced peak identification Single or multi-channel operation monitors fluorescence at one or more discrete wavelength pairs Low noise performance – Less stray light due to orthogonal optics and the use of mirrors, not lenses, minimize scatter Multiple detection modes – 2D, 3D, and on-the-fly spectral scanning – can greatly reduce the time needed to develop fluorescence detection methods by quickly determining wavelength maxima Integral erbium calibration reference – ensures wavelength accuracy Normalized emission units for better bench-to-bench reproducibility Attribute Specification Wavelength range Ex: 200 to 890 nm Em: 210 to 900 nm Bandwidth 20 nm (maximum) Wavelength accuracy +3 nm Wavelength repeatability +0.25 nm Sensitivity, single channel  Ex: 350 nm Em: 397 nm (Single-to-noise ratio of water Raman peak >1000. Hamming filter TC = 1.5 sec) Sensitivity setting range 1 to 100,000 EUFS Filter setting range Side-channel: 0.1 to 5.0 seconds, Hamming (default) 0.1 to 99 seconds, RC multichannel: 1 to 50 seconds, hamming (default) 1 to 99 seconds, RC

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€315.00 ex VAT
€374.85 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
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