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Thermo Labsystems Finnpipette 8-Kanal Channel Pipette 5-50 uL

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At Profcontrol GmbH we offer reasonably priced lab & research equipment. All devices you find on profcontrol.de are in stock and can be delivered any time. Every product and system is tested and overhauled before being offered in our online shop.

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LAUDA ECO RE 630 G Cooling Thermostat-cover
LAUDA ECO RE 630 G Cooling Thermostat

ECO G Lauda Series - Refrigerated Thermo-Cryostats LAUDA ECO G cryostats offer reliable technology a (more)nd modern design for temperature ranges from -50°C to 200°C depending on the models. Microprocessor management and integrated cooling system. Gold control heating head (TFT color graphic display and graphic illustration of temperature profiles), with 5 programs and 150 segments each, equipped with mini USB interface. These models offer the highest performance conveyed by the LAUDA SmartCool intelligent system, for maximum energy savings. The circulation pump can be adjusted to six levels and the comprehensive range of ECO devices offers cooling capacities from 180 to 700 watts. Examples of specific applications - Sample preparation in chemistry and pharmacy - Functional tests of electronic components - Bearing tests - Beer forcing test - Valve tests - Stress tests - Bending test - Expansion test - Semiconductors Notable features - PID microprocessor management - TFT graphic display with graphic representation of temperature profiles - Alphanumeric navigation menu - Overtemperature protection - Protection class III for operation also with flammable liquids - Pump adjustable to 6 levels - Front adjustment of the external/internal pump power without removing the control unit - USB interface - Possibility to upgrade with various interfaces - Possibility of upgrading with Pt100/LiBus for external control via console - Programmer with 150 segments for 5 programs - Integrated programmer with up to 20 segments - Standard pump connectors - Steel tub - Drain tap Graph of cooling performance of ECO Gold LAUDA cryostats. Performance graph of the pump pressing on the six levels.

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€6,335.56 incl. VAT if applicable
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Disperser OV 725 Digital Velp-cover
Disperser OV 725 Digital Velp

A homogenizer is a laboratory or industrial instrument used for the homogenization of various types  (more)of materials, such as fabrics, plants, food, soil and many others. The OV 625 Digital laboratory disperser guarantees the highest level of reproducibility for a wide range of laboratory applications. Cutting-edge technology and engineering, like all Velp scientific products, guarantee precision and high shear force for rapid homogenization, emulsification, suspensions and high-speed mixing of biological tissues, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products. Excellent mechanical properties and high chemical resistance make it suitable for even the most demanding laboratory challenges. DISPLAY AND CONTROL Bright, intuitive LED display and rotary knobs allow you to fine-tune the speed between 3,000 and 25,000 rpm. Clear speed information on a black background aids visibility in all conditions. SAFE AND RESISTANT Safety features ensure maximum operator protection. For example, once the set point speed has been set, the OV 625 Digital will reach it gradually. In addition, various alarms warn the user in case of overload and overtemperature. The resistant and hermetic structure allows correct operation even in the most difficult conditions. Warranty up to 3 years. For maximum comfort, choose the model with the double pole stand. CHOOSE THE SUITABLE ACCESSORY Choosing the right dispersing tool is essential to achieve maximum performance and high reproducibility. VELP dispersion tools are made of stainless steel (316L) and equipped with a PTFE seal, to be compatible with different types of samples and reagents. To handle different fluids, different dispersion tools are required. In some applications it is necessary to use two dispersing tools in order to achieve a final fineness level from coarse to fine. Thanks to a knob and a quick fastening system, inserting and changing the dispersion tool is simple and fast: in seconds you can switch from one application to the next. FOCUS ON THE PRODUCT What is a disperser? The disperser can be called in several different ways: homogenizer; Cell Lysor, High Shear Mixer, Polytron, Stator Rotor Homogenizer, Sonicizer or Tissue Tear. The various nomenclatures are due to the various uses of this tool and you have different results that can be obtained through the accessories. Essentially, a disperser is used to create a uniform mixture by forcing the sample through a narrow, confined space. Blade homogenizers, such as Velp's OV 625 Digital, use the blades as a rotor for dispersing. How does it work? The dispersing tool consists of a rotor rotating at high speed inside a stationary stator. The area between the rotor tip and the stator slot is called the shear gap. Thanks to the high circumferential velocity, the fluid is drawn axially into the dispersion head and forced radially through the cutting gap, breaking up the particles.

general laboratory equipment other
ECO REJ 1225 G LAUDA Calibration thermostat-cover
ECO REJ 1225 G LAUDA Calibration thermostat

Calibration and regulation of temperatures from -25 to 200°C with LAUDA calibration thermostats The  (more)ECO calibration thermostat is designed for the specific needs of laboratories that carry out calibration and regulation work on a daily basis. The equipment was specially developed for the precise calibration of thermometers, such as industrial platinum resistance thermometers, temperature probes, thermocouples or electrical thermometers. Liquid calibration baths are considered the most stable temperature source and offer the greatest consistency for comparative calibration of temperature probes and sensors in a laboratory. LAUDA calibration thermostats are specially equipped for the calibration of glass thermometers or electric thermometers; they are an ideal solution compared to heat cabinets and metal block thermostats, as these thermostats transfer heat into the thermoregulation liquid 40 to 60 times better than through the air. The LAUDA ECO REJ 1225 G calibration thermostat is ideal for calibrating glass thermometers or electric thermometers. DISPLAY AND CONTROL The thermostat can be easily and flexibly integrated into your existing work processes thanks to a variety of interfaces, including Profibus, Ethernet or Pt100/LiBus. The large color TFT display offers a clear overview at a glance and allows you to program a variety of temperature curves, which are automatically processed by the thermostat to support your daily laboratory work. - Color TFT display for simultaneous indication of actual and set values ​​and temperature profile graph - Intuitive menu navigation in simple language - Simple entry via cursor and function keys. Additional Tmax button for overtemperature protection - Fully electronic stepless controller with PID action - USB interface as standard - Upgradeable with Pt 100/LiBus module for external control and remote control via command console - Programmer with 150 temperature/time segments separable into 5 programs CONSTRUCTION AND BATH - Thermostatic calibration bath with the latest microprocessor technology and integrated cooling system - Safety class III for operation with flammable and non-flammable liquids. - Too high temperature protection adjustable via menu - Pump with six adjustable power levels - Easy flow control between internal and external circulation - 2 separate chamber design for a constant level in the thermostating chamber - Vertical adjustment for calibration chamber overflow - Stainless steel bath with drain valve Why LAUDA thermostats? Calibration applications require thermostats that maintain a constant, temperature-independent liquid level. To achieve this, LAUDA uses a two-chamber tank, the temperature chamber and the operation chamber, also known as the usable space or buffer chamber. A unit pumps fluid from the heat chamber to the application chamber where, if it is overfilled, it has the potential to overflow back into the heat chamber. The cylindrical working chamber is height adjustable, which makes it possible to adjust the immersion height. The thermometers, completely immersed, can therefore be read directly at the point of immersion. Furthermore, the separate calibration chamber ensures constant immersion depth, regardless of liquid volume expansion, excellent temperature stability of ±0.02 K and homogeneous temperature distribution. Standard accessories - 2 screw caps, 2 closing caps - 1 bath cover Performance graph of the pressure pump on the six levels. GREEN TECHNOLOGY The LAUDA ECO calibration thermostat uses refrigerants compliant with the European regulation on fluorinated gases. Furthermore, the REJ 1225 G is optionally available with natural refrigerants.

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