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Millipore Elix
LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.
Zevenhuizen - Netherlands
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Millipore Elix 70 Water Purification System

LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.€1,750.00 (ex VAT)
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Water Specifications:

Including 350L storage tank

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Millipore Elix 20 Water Purification System-cover
Millipore Elix 20 Water Purification System

Elix systems have been designed to deliver the highest pure water quality for your regular laborator (more)y applications and instrument feed. Elix is suited to every user’s needs in today’s demanding laboratory environment. Elix water quality is ideal for the preparation of reagents and buffers, for microbiology media, hydroponics or histology. It is also the best feed for all Milli-Q and Super-Q ultrapure water systems, as well as instruments such as glassware washers, autoclaves and hydrogen generators. Superior and consistent Type 2 water quality – “Superior”, as resin beads are not degraded by exposure to harsh regeneration chemicals. “Consistent”, as the continuous regeneration avoids the drawbacks of quality variations from resin exhaustion. Cost & labor savings – Elix module contains special carbon beads at its cathode therefore, does not require water softening. Its self-regeneration technology avoids the hassle and costs around DI cartridge replacement. Elix is “green” consuming low energy with a small carbon footprint. Long lasting technology – thanks to its proven design, the module continuously regenerates its resin beads without the need for any maintenance. Elix pure water is irradiated by a bactericidal UV lamp before entering the storage tank. The reservoir design maintains consistent purity of stored water. The vent filter provides effective protection against airborne contaminants and the ASM, Automatic Sanitization Module, prevents biofilm formation. Elix water can then be sent by a distribution pump to feed instruments or a distribution loop. They can be integrated into a centralized system, providing total control of all parameters within the system itself as well as within the external pure water distribution loop. Water Specifications: Resistivity at 25 °C: > 5 MΩ•cm TOC: < 30 ppb Bacteria: < 10 CFU/mL Silicate removal: > 99.9 % Production flow Rate: 20 L/h Feed water: Water quality: Potable tap water Feed water conductivity at 25 °C: < 2000 µS/cm Feed water pressure: 2 – 6 bar Feed water temperature: 5 – 35°C Feed water chlorine: Application Specialist will determine pretreatment required Feed water fouling index: Application Specialist will determine pretreatment required Feed water pH: 4 – 10 pH units Feed water connection: ½ in Gaz M System Specifications: Dimensions (H x W x D): 734 x 662 x 441 mm Operating weight: 45 – 62 kg Data port connection: RS232 Including 200 L storage tank Excluding new filters

€2,299.00 ex VAT
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Industrial scale Ranger 7000 R71MD15 Ohaus-cover
Industrial scale Ranger 7000 R71MD15 Ohaus

The Ohaus Ranger 7000 is a multi-functional balance that provides reliable, accurate results for a w (more)ide range of weighing applications. It features a large, bright LCD display, user-friendly keypad and a durable stainless steel pan. With its advanced overload protection, fast stabilization time and automatic zero tracking, the Ranger 7000 is an ideal choice for any laboratory or industrial environment. The top of the range! The Ranger 7000 offers the best of all OHAUS industrial product features, even for the toughest operations. Highest resolution, the largest display, almost all possible applications and connectivity as standard, plus the largest storage memory than any compact industrial bench scale from the OHAUS range. - Minimize the need for manual calculations with the numerous advanced, easy and fast applications, thanks to the latest generation software that follows you step by step, minimizing staff training. - Fast performance and legal-for-trade certification ensure exact results. - The robust and modular industrial design allows flexibility and use in harsh environments: die-cast metal housing with IP54 protection and a sealed metal indicator. Application methods Weighing: calculation of the weight of the items in the unit of measurement selected. Percent Weighing: Calculation of the percentage of the weight of a sample with respect to a predetermined reference weight. Piece Counting: Piece counting with uniform weights. Check Weighing / Counting: Compare the weight or count of a sample against the limits set targets. Dynamic Weighing: Weighing of an unstable load. The balance determines the average of several weighings made in a given period of time. Display lock: locks the last stable weigh manually or automatically on the scale display. It is activated by setting the time interval in Dynamic Weighing mode to zero. Fill: With a target weight, a progress bar will appear on the display showing the fill status. Formulation: for the preparation of recipes. Allows the user to store, add and calculate the weights of multiple ingredients; the scale will warn the operator if one or more ingredients have been put in excess. Differential Weighing: Calculate the difference between sample weights and starting weights. Weighing for Density Calculation: Determines the density of the sample. In addition, with the Weigh Below Hook you can test for the specific density of objects that cannot be placed on the weighing pan. Particle size analysis: practice or procedure used to evaluate the size distribution of the particle (also called screening) or of a granular material. Weighing function as shown on the large RANGER 7000 display Modelli disponibili: Applications Weighing, Piece Counting with Auto Optimization, Percent Weighing, Advanced Checkweighing, Dynamic / Animal Weighing, Display Hold, Filling, Formulation, Differential Weighing, Density Determination Display 4.3 '(109 mm) display with WQVGA color graphics resolution and user-controlled brightness Operation AC adapter (included) or rechargeable battery (accessory sold separately) Communication Easy access communication port including standard USB and RS232 (included) and optional third RS232 or Ethernet port (accessories sold separately). Real time clock with GLP / GMP data output. Data transfer function. Structure Modular design, die-cast metal armor, removable stainless steel platform, integrated weigh below hook, menu lock switch, level indicator Construction features Weighing indicators with selectable operation and beep settings, multiple selectable languages, selectable environmental and auto print settings, stability indicator, underload / overload indicators, selectable brightness settings Strengths: - Simplify the most complex applications and minimize the need for manual calculations with 10 advanced application modes - The most accurate scale in its class, with a stabilization time of one second - Extremely durable scale designed for maximum efficiency in harsh industrial environments. It has a metal chassis with IP54 protection and a terminal with metal armor.

€1,315.00 ex VAT
€1,564.85 incl. VAT if applicable
general laboratory equipment other
Esco Infinity FC2 Biological Safety Cabinet-cover
Esco Infinity FC2 Biological Safety Cabinet

The Esco Infinity Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC), model FC2, offers superior protection to (more) the cabinet operator, product and the environment. With over 20 years of experience in safety cabinet technology, the Esco FC2 cabinet brings you the optimum combination of safety, performance and serviceability with an enhanced ergonomic design. Class II cabinets provide product, operator and environmental protection making them suitable for general microbiological work with agents assigned to biosafety levels 1, 2, and 3. With their diverse range of applications, class II cabinets are the most cost-effective systems on the market. The Infinity Class II BSC is designed, built and tested to comply with Australian Standard AS 2252.2 performance requirements and European Standard EN12469. External Dimensions (LxWxH): 1420 x 805 x 1535 mm Internal Work Zone (LxWxH): 1260 x 610 x 670 mm Tested Opening: 175 mm Inflow Initial setpoint: 1.10 m/s Downflow Initial setpoint: 0.41 m/s HEPA Filter Efficiency: >99.99% at 0.3µm Sound According to EN12469: <65 dBA Fluorescent Lighting: >1200 Lux, measured at work surface level (zero background) as per NSF49 test grid UV-interlock ensures that the UV lamp is deactivated when the sash is not fully closed. Main Body Construction: 1.2mm thick gauge electro-galvanised steel with Isocide anti-microbial white oven-baked epoxy-polyester powder-coated finish Net Weight: 298 kg

€3,999.00 ex VAT
biological safety cabinets, safety cabinets, safety equipment
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