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Scout STX223 Ohaus

Jointlab srl€830.00 
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Description by the supplier

The latest iteration of Ohaus' portable scales is designed for optimal use in both laboratory and industrial settings. These balances incorporate an easy-to-use colour touchscreen interface, ensuring expedient navigation, as well as a compact form factor for convenient storage.

Packed with powerful features for exceptional performance, these scales are designed to deliver results with rapid stabilization times and high-resolution accuracy. To safeguard your equipment, an outstanding overload protection is integrated. Additionally, these scales are highly adaptable with an array of advanced connectivity options.

Key features include:

- A colour touchscreen display ensuring swift and convenient navigation

- Quick weighing capabilities with a high-resolution display for reliable, repeatable results

- Robust overload protection

- Multilingual application modes to simplify the weighing process

Connectivity options for the OHAUS Scout scales are varied, including RS232, USB, USB device, Ethernet or Bluetooth® which enhances versatility in data collection and transfer functionalities, ensuring a contemporary, intelligent user experience.

Standard features comprise of a transport lock, a stainless steel weighing pan, menu lock switch, adjustable, slip-resistant feet, a bubble level indicator, software and mechanical overload/underload protection, stability indicator, automatic tare, low battery level indicator, an auto power off mode, and user-customizable print and communication settings.

Functionalities include:

- Weight determination of items in selected measurement units.

- Piece Counting utilizing a uniform weight.

- Percent Weighing: Uses a reference weight to display a sample's weight as a percentage.

- Check Weighing: Compares sample weight against preset target limits.

- Dynamic Weighing for unstable sample loads, takes weight average over time.

- Totalization calculates cumulative weight of multiple items.

- Density Determination for solids or liquids.

- Display Hold to manually maintain the last stable weight.

- Mole Weighing, offering automatic conversion of sample weight into the mole.

A 4.3" (109mm) touchscreen display boasts a colour VGA graphics resolution with customizable brightness. The unit's operation is powered either by an included power supply adapter or batteries, which are not included. A low battery level indicator and programmable automatic shutdown feature are also incorporated.

Designed with ABS housing, a stainless steel pan, and an ABS draft shield (only included in 1mg models), along with a weigh below hook, transport lock, calibration lock switch, and level indicator, these models are built for durability and precision. A selection of value-adding construction inclusion features are added such as automatic tare, built-in calibration weight for models with capacities surpassing 620g.

The touchscreen display revolutionizes the use of portable scales. Offering a comfortable user interface that allows easy exploration of interfaces and icon menus and effortless unit-of-measure changes. GLP/GMP traceability ensures streamlined monitoring and reporting of data.

Product details
External dimensions mm L x P x A103 x 222 x 202
Control panelColor display touchscreen
Position size93
Weight kg1 Kg
SupplyAC adapter (included); 4 AA (LR6) batteries (not included)
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