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LAUDA ECO RE 420 S Cooling Thermostat

Jointlab srl€4,180.00 
(€4,974.20 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
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Description by the supplier

LAUDA ECO Silver - Advanced Cooling Thermostat

Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, the LAUDA ECO Silver Cooling Thermostat is a high-performance laboratory apparatus designed to efficiently maintain temperatures ranging from as low as -50°C to as high as 200°C across its various models. Outfitted with meticulous microprocessor controls and an integrated cooling system, this device orchestrates precise, reliable operations with consummate professionalism.

Standing apart with a monochromatic LCD graphic display, the LAUDA ECO Silver offers a comprehensive range of features, easy operability, and remarkably clear visuals, thereby enhancing the using experience for the operator. Outfitted with a mini USB interface, this device provides prompt, uncomplicated data transfer.

These resilient models are power-packed with LAUDA’s SmartCool intelligent system, delivering unrivalled performance superimposed with maximum energy efficiency. The variable flow circulation pump can be adjusted across six levels, offering cooling capacities ranging from 180 to 700 watts.

The robustly built device comes standard with a tank lid, pump connectors, and options for both air and water cooling. It also features a drain valve located at the rear of the device, enabling safe and hassle-free liquid replacement.


• LCD display for real-time indication of current and preset values

• User-friendly menu navigation written in simple understandable language

• Convenient input methods using a cursor and soft keys, along with an additional Tmax button for overtemperature protection

• Fully automatic continuous controller equipped with PID action

• Safety classification III allows usage with both combustible and non-combustible liquids. Overtemperature cut-out adjustable via the user interface

• Adjustable pump with six performance settings

• Control over internal and external circulation flow rates without direct contact with the bath

• Mini USB interface for seamless data transfer

• Additional upgrades available such as interface modules (analog module, contact module, RS 232/485 module, Profibus, Ethernet-USB module) etc.

• Upgrades available for Pt 100/LiBus module for remote control operation and external management from a command console

• In-built programmer can accomodate one programme up to a maximum of 20 segments

• Pump connectors equipped with plastic nipples of 13mm

• Stainless steel bath vessel furnished with a drain valve

• Air-cooled condenser

• Utilizes eco-friendly refrigerants

The device includes visual rendering of cooling performance and contains graphical representation of pump pressing at various levels. The modern design of the control panel includes soft keys that feature up, down, left, and right selections, an enter key, and a Tmax key for managing overtemperature switch-off points. The thermostat also includes receptacles for various module types and connecting leads for power supply and supporting the lower part.

Its sturdy construction carries a removable front panel and four feet, grills on either sides of the body for venting purpose, pump connections and a conveniently front look recess. The device also includes rear grip recess, ventilating grills, and a bath drain point, making it an indispensable partner for any well-equipped, modern laboratory.

Product details
Temperature °C-20...200
External dimensions mm L x P x A180×396×555
Control panelGraphic Screen LCD
Pump delivery max. l/min.22
Tank volume l3,3...4 l
Temperature stability+/- 0.02 K
Power W2000
SeriesECO Silver
Weight kg21.6
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
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