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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Disperser OV 625 Digital System Velp

Jointlab srl€1,760.00 
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The Homogenizer is a versatile device leveraged for comprehensive homogenization of varied substances, ranging from textiles, flora, foodstuff, to soil.

For unvarying performance under an extensive array of laboratory applications, look no further than the OV 625 Digital Laboratory Disperser. Manufactured by Velp Scientific, this state-of-the-art equipment consistently delivers accurate results due to its high shear force. It demonstrates significant utility in swift homogenizing, emulsifying, suspending, and high-velocity mixing of substances such as biological tissues, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products.

This apparatus is characterized by its mechanical prowess and extreme chemical resilience, rendering it fit for the most strenuous laboratory undertakings.


Revolutionize your homogenizing process with the convenience of our easy-to-navigate LED display and adjustment knobs that allow control of speed ranging from 3,000 to 25,000 rpm. Its transparent speed information against a dark background ensures clear visibility under all circumstances.


In the realm of safety, the OV 625 Digital shines with features devised for maximum operator protection. Notably, the machine slowly builds up to the predetermined speed, causing minimal disturbance. Additionally, several alert systems promptly inform the user of overload and elevated temperatures. Its robust and hermetically sealed structure ensures seamless operation in even the most challenging conditions. Our confidence in the product's durability is reflected in its warranty, covering up to three years.

For optimized comfort, consider our model fitted with a double pole stand.


The efficacy of your homogenizing process heavily relies on selecting an appropriate dispersing tool. VELP's dispersing implements are constructed with premium-grade stainless steel (316L) and outfitted with a PTFE seal rendering them adaptable for diverse samples and reagents. Distinct dispersion tools are necessitated by different fluids while achieving fine granularity in certain applications requires employing dual dispersing tools. Altering accessories is hassle-free and swift, ensuring minimal disruptions as you transition between applications.


The disperser, also known as a homogenizer or Cell Lysor, and other terms based on its diverse usability, primarily functions to fabricate a uniform concoction by compelling a sample through a constrained narrow space. Point in case, blade homogenizers such as Velp's OV 625 Digital, employ blades as a rotor for dispersing.

To clarify its operation, the dispersing tool incorporates a swiftly rotating rotor within a static stator. The space between the rotor's tip and the stator's recess is identified as the shear gap. The fluid is axially drawn into the dispersion head due to high peripheral velocity, and then radially thrust through the restrictive gap resulting in the disintegration of particles.

Product details
Stirring Speed Range3.000 – 25.000 rpm
Max. stirring volume0,2 ml - 2,5 liters
External dimensions mm L x P x A92x130x280
Control panelDisplay LCD
Power W800 W
VariousSpeed ​​regulation accuracy: 200 rpm; Permissible ambient temperature: +5 … +40 °C; Permissible storage temperature: -10 … +60 °C; Humidity allowed: up to 80%; Altitude: up to 4,000m; Engine: BAC.
Noise75 dba
Viscosity max.5.000 mPa*s
MaterialsAluminum - Technopolymer
Weight kg2,4
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