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Defender 6000 D61XWE15K1R6 Ohaus

Jointlab srl€2,417.00 
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Description by the supplier

Introducing the Defender 6000, an advanced, IP68/IP69K-rated, washable bench scale that merges versatility, accuracy, and robustness. Engineered specifically for employment in high-moisture settings, this new edition of the Defender 6000 provides an IP69k level of protection, fully catering to the hygiene requirements of the food and chemical sectors.

The OHAUS Defender bench scales continue to be the preferred choice for operators in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors due to their trademark precision, dependability, and adaptability.

Key Features:

- Fine-tuned to endure rigorous cleaning in both processing and packaging settings: IP68/IP69K protection grading.

- NSF approved and promotes HACCP systems with a 316 stainless steel foundation, ensuring resistance to corrosion in food/chemical processing and packaging.

- Large-scale visual display and a variety of application modalities.

- Connectivity: GLP/GMP data output replete with a real-time clock.

DT61PW Control Panel for the Defender 6000 Hybrid model

Simplified operation guaranteed with its five-button layout and a brilliant, broad LCD screen. It comes with an optional infrared communication kit for hassle-free connection without having to access the housing interior. These models can store up to 1,000 weighing results for transferability to a computer or system, aiding traceability. The PW models operate on standard D-cell batteries, lasting up to an impressive 1,600 hours.

D61XWE control panel, for the stainless steel Defender 6000 model

Featuring a bar matrix display and a cut-resistant keyboard with purpose-built keys for seamless product switch-outs and a touchless sensor. Connection options range from standard RS232 and integrated USB host; with optional add-ons including RS232/RS485/USB, analog output, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and Ethernet capabilities. XWE models function on mains supply, with option available for external USB power bank support for extended use (up to 55 hours with a 20,000mAh power bank).

Front Mount models of the Defender 6000 are also accessible without columns, exclusively with the DT61PW control panel.


Weight measurement, parts counting, checkweighing/checkcounting, percent weighing, dynamic weighing and display hold are several of the diverse applications.

Exclusive Gains to i-D61XWE Models:

Filling: Evenly fill a container up to a preset weight. The system also offers Library and User Management facilities allowing up to 300 stored library items and up to 100 user ID storage for greater access control and traceability.

Endurance and Functionality

The Defender 6000 scale is furnished with an advanced moisture-proof indicator and an hermetically sealed load cell, all while housing a 316 stainless steel platform and frame. Plus an NSF Certified, and USDA-AMS Approved, it supports HACCP systems, underscoring its suitability for food safety-related environments.

Capable of withstanding food and chemical splashes, the scale is also hardy enough for deep-cleaning with a high-pressure hose, making it immune to lab-intensive washdowns.

Additional Features: Overload alarms, password-protected menus, stability indicators, and an automated tare function. The dedicated target key allows easy adjustment of under/overpack weights, facilitating line changes and easing template personalisation for data printouts.

Two explanatory videos are also available – demonstrating the 'checkweighing' and the 'fill' modes respectively.

Product details
Load15 Kg
External dimensions mm L x P x A427 x 300 x 518
Control panelDisplay LED
Unit of measureGrams; Kilogram; Pound; Ounce; Pound: ounce
Position size300x300
VariousColumn 260mm high; EC Type Approvable; OIML
Weight kg11,7
SupplyRechargeable battery (not included); AC power (included)
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