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Defender 3000 Hybrid i-D33 Ohaus

Jointlab srl€2,075.00 
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Description by the supplier

Ohaus Defender 3000 Hybrid i-D33 Bench Scale

Revered for dependability and precision, the Ohaus Defender 3000 Hybrid i-D33 Bench Scale is an excellent choice for multifunctional weight management. Particularly suited for general weighing, basic counting and checkweighing undertakings across manufacturing units, packaging industry, warehousing spaces, inventory supervision, and shipping and receiving operations.

The Defender 3000 series is characterized by a streamlined yet sturdy design, incorporating a stainless steel indicator and base plate, backed by an IP65 load cell for quality assurance. The device boasts a multi-colored backlit LCD, offering optimal readability. Conveniently powered by AC or a standard rechargeable battery, the bench scale offers versatile mounting options for user ease.

When operating under weight control mode, the device intuitively alters display color (shifting between yellow, green, and red) to notify the user of weight parameters - either within or outside the desired target range.


The scale primarily operates for weighing, weight administration, count monitoring, and totalization purposes.


A 7-segment LCD, complemented by a multicolor backlight.


Works through an AC power cord (included in the package), or a rechargeable battery (also supplied).


Includes an RS232 interface. Additional connectivity options like USB Device or Ethernet can be employed for print functions or data sharing.


Chronicles a stainless steel gauge, a 304 stainless steel platform, a powder-coated tubular steel frame, an IP65 aluminum load cell, and adjustable, non-slip rubber feet for superior stability.

Construction Features

Boasts an overload protection mechanism safeguarding up to 150% of the device's range, fortifying its durability.

Product details
Control panelDisplay LCD
SupplyRechargeable battery (included), 100 hours; AC adapter (included)
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