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450-GC Gas Chromatograph + 240-MS Mass Spectrometer

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450-GC Gas Chromatograph + 240-MS Mass Spectrometer


Combipal CTC Analytics MXY 02-01B

VARIAN DS 102 vacuum pump, reference: 1101006424


Without Software

Without a computer

Device stopped at the beginning of 2024

Year of manufacture: 2009

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Rohde & Schwarz ABFS Badeband Fading Simulator Basisbandphasensimulator B1,B2,B3-cover
Rohde & Schwarz ABFS Badeband Fading Simulator Basisbandphasensimulator B1,B2,B3

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz, München Model: ABFS Fading Simulator P/N: 1114.8506.02 Description: T (more)he Baseband Fading Simulator R&S®ABFS generates signals that simulate  real receive conditions in mobile applications. Thus, the response of receivers under real-world conditions can already be checked during development and QM  acceptance testing. The simulation of fading signals at baseband level reduces  costs. The Noise Generator R&S® ABFS-B1 (Option installed) adds a noise source  to the output of the fi rst channel so that noise can be simulated in the frequency band used. The noise generator can be switched on or off irrespective  of the operating modes of the basic version. The optional Second Fading Simulator R&S® ABFS-B2 (Option installed)  offers two extra channels with the same characteristics in addition to the two  channels of the basic model. The optional Second Noise Generator R&S® ABFS-B3 (Option  installed) provides an additional noise source for a further output. This second noise generator is either assigned to the second channel of the  basic R&S® ABFS (with the first Noise Generator R&S® ABFS-B1 for the first  channel) or to the first channel of the Second Fading Simulator R&S® ABFS-B2 (Option  installed).Fading profiles such as Rayleigh, Rician, pure Doppler, Lognormal or Suzuki can  be assigned to each of the propagation paths irrespective of the selected  circuit. In addition to the fading profiles mentioned, the following parameters can be  defi ned for each propagation path: • Path attenuation• Delay time• Doppler frequency or speed between transmitter and receiver• Coupling to another channel• Preprogrammed fading models• Many fading models have already been programmed in ABFS. The user can quickly  recall these default settings and also modify the parameters. Options installed: • ABFS-B1 1115.0009.02• ABFS-B2 1115.0309.02• ABFS-B3 1115.0609.02 Items delivered: - Rohde & Schwarz ABFS Fading Simulator- Power Cord- Instruction Manual as PDF via E-Mail The fading simulator is in excellent cosmetic condition and comes out of  operation. We sell it here as 100% functional tested.

€2,000.00 ex VAT
€2,380.00 incl. VAT if applicable
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Sonics Vibra Cell VC375 Ultrasonic Processor-cover
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The Sonics VC-375 is an ultrasonic generator which converts 50/60 Hz voltage to high frequency elect (more)rical energy. This alternating voltage is applied to disc-shaped ceramic piezoelectric crystals within the converter, causing them to expand and contract with each change of polarity. These high-frequency longitudinal mechanical vibrations are amplified by the probe (horn) and transmitted into the liquid as alternating high and low pressure waves. The pressure fluctuations cause the liquid molecule cohesive forces to break down, pulling apart the liquid and creating millions of micro-bubbles (cavities), which expand during the low pressure phases, and implode violently during the high pressure phases. As the bubbles collapse, millions of microscopic shock waves, micro jet streams, eddies and extremes in pressures and temperatures are generated at the implosion sites and propagated to the surrounding medium. Although this phenomenon, known as cavitation, lasts but a few microseconds, and the amount of energy released by each individual bubble is minimal, the cumulative amount of energy generated by the imploding cavities is extremely high and many times that generated in an ultrasonic bath. When used with environmentally safe aqueous cleaning solutions, the Vibra-Cell becomes a powerful cleaning tool, capable of removing the most tenacious contaminants from normally inaccessible locations. Unlike ultrasonic baths, which dissipate the vibrational energy over a large area, the Vibra-Cell probe focuses the energy to create a concentrated, high intensity cleaning zone. Probe horn not included.

€749.00 ex VAT
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CyFlow Cube 6-cover
CyFlow Cube 6

The flow cytometer CyFlow Cube 6, fully self-contained and ultra-compact, has been designed for all  (more)applications in cell analysis and absolute count with the best ratio quality-performance/price. CyFlow Cube 6 provides a flow cytometry accurate with up to 6 optical parameters. Equipped with a blue and a red laser optional, and 4 fluorescence channels (FL1-FL4) more Forward Scatter (FSC) and Side Scatter (SCC) constitute an optical system, powerful and affordable flow cytometry. PC and software CyView integrated. Optional: automatic Charger optional CyFlow Robby for well plates and tubes. It shows the price for the model CY-S-3060R_V2 - CyFlow® Cube 6 Microbiology - (1 laser 488 nm; 5 parameters). For other configurations, consult drop-down. Features Light sources Up to 2 light sources simultaneous: blue laser 50 mw @ 488; red laser 25mW @ 638nm Optical Optical system, modular PMT of the selected preamplifier built-in for FSC, SSC, FL1-FL4 Optical filters interchangeable Flow system Bucket of flow of quartz for transport of samples laminar and approach to hydrodynamic processes. Count absolute volumetric true (TVAC) based on the measurement of volume mechanical Syringe pump accuracy computer-controlled, speed continuously adjustable from 0-20 ál / sec. Software CyView, software FCM based on Windows ™ for the acquisition of real-time data, analysis of data in real-time and viewing data in real-time Easy configuration of templates experimental (configuration files) Data format Standard for flow cytometry (FCS) for storage of original data and evaluated

€44,123.01 ex VAT
general laboratory equipment other
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The Bruker LUMOS is a fully automated stand-alone FTIR microscope with an 8x objective and can be us (more)ed in transmission, reflection and ATR mode. The measurement results in a single file including visible images, spectral data and sample information. For evaluation and visualization of the microscopic data the software provides powerful and intuitive Chemical Imaging functionality. The LUMOS is a stand-alone FT-IR microscope with an integrated FT-IR spectrometer perfectly matched into its optical design. All components are motorized and electronically coded. The innovation of a motorized ATR-crystal allows the system to switch from transmission or reflection to ATR mode without interaction of the operator, and to measure fully automated sample and background spectra even in ATR mode. The heart of each FT-IR spectrometer is the interferometer. The LUMOS uses a patented, permanently aligned RockSolid interferometer being extremely insensitive against mirror tilts, vibrations and thermal effects. 8x objective for automated measurements in transmission, reflection and ATR Magnification can be increased to 32x by digital zooming Image capture by highly resolving digital CCD camera Motorized Germanium ATR crystal with internal pressure control Motorized sample stage Motorized z-drive All IR-transparent windows and the IR beam splitter are made of ZnSe providing robustness even against high humidity High sensitive photoconductive MCT detector Including PC with software

€43,278.77 ex VAT
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