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1260 Infinity
Golden Bio Technologies
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Agilent 1260 Infinity Binary LC System

Golden Bio Technologies
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Infinity 1260 (MWD) Model G1365C (Multiple

Wavelength Detector) Infinity 1260 (TCC)

Model G1316A (Thermostatic Column

Compartment) Infinity 1290 Thermostat Model


Infinity 1260 (ALS) Model G1329B (AutoSampler)

Infinity 1260 (Bin Pump) Model G1312B (Binary Pump)

Infinity 1260 HiP Degasser Model G4225A

Solvent Rack

InfinityLab LC Series Tool Kit G7120-68708

Size: 19 18 40 177

Length Width Height Weight

About Golden Bio Technologies

Golden Bio Technologies Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Immunodiagnostic Kits and Medical refurbished equipment for worldwide diagnostics and research markets.

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