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Servospin Smart Centrifuge

LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.€950.00 (ex VAT)
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Description by the supplier

Speed: 500 – 12000 rpm

Speed steps: 500 rpm

Max. RCF = centrifugal force: 9660 G

Running time: 1 to 99 min

Rotor equipment options: HKT rotor, angle rotor, strip rotor, adapter set

Dimensions: 264 x 229 x 120 mm

Mains voltage: 85-264 Volt/ 50/60 Hz/ 45 Watt

Weight: 2 kg

Compact micro hematocrit centrifuge with interchangeable rotors for micro vessels.

The SERVOspin Smart HKT is a high speed table centrifuge for the determination of the hematocrit value. Up to now the determination of the hematocrit value (percentage by volume of cells in blood) by centrifugation as gold standard (DIN 58933-1). Equipped with a low-noise motor, the SERVOspin Smart HKT accelerates the rotor to a speed of 12.000 rpm which corresponds to a maximum RCF of 9660 G. The clear design allows intuitive handling by the user. The locking of the lid is monitored electronically and is coupled with an automatic emergency brake function. This offers maximum comfort and safety for the user. A 12-times hematocrit rotor with HKT evaluation card, a dispenser tube with 100 capillaries, a plate with sealing wax, two exchangeable rotors for mini centrifuge tubes, as well as a detailed operating manual are included in the scope of delivery.

All functions at a glance

• Maximum speed 12.000 min-1 (RCF 9660 G)

• Simple and intuitive operation

• Running time and speed adjustable

• Low noise engine

• Electronically monitored lid locking system

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€350.00 ex VAT
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