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Nikon D/F3 Focusing Screen Einstellscheibe

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At Profcontrol GmbH we offer reasonably priced lab & research equipment. All devices you find on profcontrol.de are in stock and can be delivered any time. Every product and system is tested and overhauled before being offered in our online shop.

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QuestPair matches professionals in research and industry with manufacturers, suppliers and resellers of scientific products. Companies and organisations can easily sign up for an account and showcase their laboratory equipment and other products on the marketplace. It is possible to list both new as well as used equipment. QuestPair features a variety of equipment for the physical, chemical and life sciences such as spectrometers, balances, centrifuges, testing devices, medical devices, incubators, microfluidics kit, heaters, coolers and other specialist instruments.

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WAB TURBULA T10B Heavy-Duty Shaker-Mixer Mischer 17 / 8 / 5 L (2010)-cover
WAB TURBULA T10B Heavy-Duty Shaker-Mixer Mischer 17 / 8 / 5 L (2010)

Manufacturer: WAB Willy A. Bachofen AG Model: Turbula T10B Mixer YoM: 2010 We also have the TURBUL (more)A T2F for sale - just ask for it ! Description: The mixing basket can hold standard containers with a maximum volume of 17 litres. Twisted rubber clamping rings allow the use of smaller containers. The movement of the mixing basket is controlled by a silent pendulum chain drive. The rotational speed can be varied by adjusting the position of the round drive belt on the 4-step pulleys. The TURBULA® T 10 B is often used with preference for mixing pharmaceuticals or sintered metals and ceramic materials and for many other applications. TURBULA® mixers are used whenever minimum mixing times are required in combination with meeting the highest homogeneity standards, in any industry, in R&D and in production plants. • Diamond tools • Electrotechnology • Sintered metals • Ceramic industry • Cosmetic industry • Pharmaceutical industry • Chemical industry • Food industry • Analytics Specifications: Motor: 0.37 kW Connections: 3x 220-420 V, 50/60 Hz Speed: 15/23/32/44 min^-1 Standard container sizes: Ø 250x380 mm, max 17L container sizes with rubber clamping rings: max. Ø 225x375 mm Max load incl. container: 30 kg Dimensions (LxWxH): Closed 880 x 988 x 630 mm, Open 880 x 988 x 848 mm Weight: 135 kg Items delivered: - WAB Turbula T10B Mixer The Turbula T10B Mixer is in used but good cosmetic condition and 100% functional tested. Will be delivered in original crate.

€10,923.53 ex VAT
€12,999.00 incl. VAT if applicable
mixers, shakers
GE healthcare Streamline 25 Column-cover
GE healthcare Streamline 25 Column

Expanded bed adsorption (EBA) is a single pass operation to recover target molecules such as protein (more)s from crude stock feedstock without prior clarification. In extracellular processes, EBA is effective in capturing molecules from fermentation or cell culture. In intercellular processes with soluble molecules, it is suitable for use with broth from cell lysis or homogenization. Streamline columns are specially designed for use with Streamline adsorbents. Column design incorporates spacial flow distributors and a moveable adaptor. The distributor at the bottom of the column creates the stable fluidized bed required for the technique. The moveable adaptor allows the bed height to be adjusted for elution in sedimented bed mode. Diameter: 25 mm Column cross section: 491 mm2 Tube height: 1000 mm Stand foot print: 430 x 430 mm Sedimented bed height: 150 – 300 mm Sedimented adsorbent volume: 75 – 150 mL Max pressure: 1 bar Operating temperature: 4°C to 40°C Feed application: 200 – 400 cm/h Elution sedimented bed: 50 – 150 cm/h Elution expanded bed: 100 – 300 cm/h Chemicals used with Streamline 100 column: Acetic acid: Concentration – 25%, pH = 1.8; Time/cycle – 3 h Acetone: Concentration – 2%; Time/cycle – 15 min Ammonium sulphate: Concentration – 2 M; Time/cycle – 5 h Ethanol: Concentration – 20%; Time/cycle – 24 months Ethanol: Concentration – 70%; Time/cycle – 1 h Ethanol/Acetic acid: Concentration – 20%/10%; Time/cycle – 3 h Ethylene glycol: Concentration – 50%; Time/cycle – 3h Guanidine-Hydrochloric acid: Concentration – 6 M; Time/cycle – 5 h Glycerol: Concentration – 10%; Time/cycle – 3 h Hydrocloric acid: Concentration – 0.1 M, pH = 1; Time/cycle – 1 h Isopropanol: Concentration – 30%; Time/cycle – 3 h Sodium acetate/Ethanol: Concentration – 0.2 M/20%; Time/cycle – 24 h Sodium chloride: Concentration –  0-3 M; Time/cycle – 3 h Sodium hydroxide: Concentration – 2 M, pH = 14; Time/cycle – 24 h Sodium hydroxide: Concentration – 0.01 M, pH = 12; Time/cycle – 12 months Sodium sulphate: Concentration – 1 M; Time/cycle – 3 h Triton X 100: Concentration – 1%; Time/cycle – 5 h Tween: Concentration – 1%; Time/cycle – 5 h Urea: Concentration – 8 M; Time/cycle – 5 h

€449.00 ex VAT
general laboratory equipment other
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