QuestPair Projects

Why QuestPair Projects?

Businesses often require scientific expertise to aid development and advise on suitable methods, equipment, data and materials. QuestPair enables companies to find these experts around the globe, while empowering scientists and universities to apply their skills through projects and collaborations.

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Where can scientists & engineers help?

Research & Development

New technologies are increasingly multidisciplinary and require experts with different backgrounds to collaborate. As a result, businesses around the world often outsource project roles to scientists and engineers within research organisations and universities. QuestPair makes it easier to find the most suitable experts with a dedicated global platform.

Reviewing documents

Scientists are the ultimate reviewing experts because they continuously read, discuss and review the work of peers. Their analytical thinking abilities combined with an unbiased and critical view makes them suitable to shine their light on a wide variety of documents ranging from technical papers, research plans, policy documents and many others.

For Business and Science

Startup company owner

CEO of a biotech company


  • Find consultants to advise on scientific methods, data, materials and equipment
  • Get independent reviews on plans and technology

Businesses can find experts on QuestPair, or post requests to which scientists and engineers can apply with proposals. It is possible to require experts to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they view confidential information.


Post-doctoral researcher working at university


  • Find projects to apply research commercially
  • Start new collaborations
  • Apply for research funding with commercial partners

Browse cases and problems posted by businesses and apply your expertise to propose ideas and solutions. It is also possible to invite other scientists to apply or collaborate.

University professor

Group leader in physical chemistry


  • Connect with industry and obtain new research ideas
  • Start consultancy projects
  • Find partners to commercialise research output

Directly find calls and search for suitable partners on QuestPair to develop your research ideas

University manager

Dealing with requests from industry


  • Licensing university patents
  • Finding suitable scientists to help with industry requests

Suggest suitable experts from your university and support them on QuestPair by taking part in negotiations, agreements, payments and other matters.

Experienced Engineer

Working in an academic environment


  • Finding consultancy projects to fund research.

Browse questions from industry and provide advise as a consultant

Team leader in industry

Product development of smart polymers


  • Start innovative projects with leading research groups
  • Obtain unbiased reviews from the best experts

Post your case on Questpair and enable reliable experts from top universities & research institutions to apply

Structural engineer

Freelance consultant who just obtained a PhD


  • Generate personal income through consultancy projects

Directly apply your unique engineering skills directly to address real demand.

R&D manager

Within a large company


  • Obtain scientific input for product development
  • Find scientific consultants to review research ideas

Describe your topics of interest on QuestPair, publicly or privately. You can also browse the experts on QuestPair and invite them to projects.

Equipment manager from University

Responsible for equipment sharing


  • Enabling companies to find and use university resources such as equipment and other facilities

Enable scientists to directly suggest equipment to companies, potentially within an industry-funded research project


Step 1: A client posts a case

A company, organisation or other client posts their scientific needs on QuestPair. Cases can either be public or private (invitation only). It is also possible to add an NDA.

Step 2: A scientific expert applies with proposal

Scientific experts propose ideas, methods, equipment, data and materials to use. It is possible to apply to cases alone or as a team., or to suggest and recommend other experts to apply.

Step 3: Add collaborators

Find collaborators on QuestPair to join your team and proposal. You can also invite scientists from outside QuestPair to join.

Step 4: Negotiation

In this phase, clients can review proposals and invite applicants to negotiate the terms and conditions including payments together with the applicant(s). If the outcome is positive, the project can start.

Step 5: Secure payments

The money will be transferred by the client to an escrow account before the project starts. Upon agreement between the parties, funds may be released at the start, upon reaching milestones, or at the end of the project.

Step 6: Project starts

Start of the project. It will be possible to set milestones and track progress on the project page, as well as monitoring the project payments. The parties (clients, scientists, universities) can also communicate and send files directly via chat during the project.

Step 7: Final payments

Before the end of the project, final payments for the project will be released by the client.

Step 8: Project is finished

When the project is completed, the client and scientific expert can rate their experiences.
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