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Vortex VXMTDG Ohaus

Jointlab srl€3,713.00 
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Description by the supplier

Ohaus Multi-Tube Vortex Shakers

These shakers are specifically designed for processing a considerable quantity of samples concurrently. They come equipped with versatile foam racks to accommodate mixing tubes with diameters ranging from 10 to 29 mm. Equipped with rubberized footing with strong suction cups, these devices provide stability and reduce slippage on the working surface, ensuring safe operation within your laboratory setting.

With a petite orbit and high velocity, these shakers are geared for effectively agitating microplates. All models are structured to endure continuous operation within a laboratory setting.

Analog models represent an economical choice for straightforward mixing applications, controlled via knob adjustments. Digital models offer a timer and precise speed control for tasks requiring consistent results, manipulated via a touch/standby/on switch. A LED display indicates speed and time, and buttons allow for adjustment of default values.

Single or dual microplate holders are available as supplementary components.

Process up to 50 samples at once with ease, courtesy of our specialized multi-tube mixer, featuring six assorted tube racks and an extension kit. An easily maintained singular stainless steel body, ideal for several environments, notably cleanrooms. For more demanding samples, the programmable pulse mode of the digital models intensifies mixing. Additionally, pulse intervals are adjustable to customize the process.

Included with the product is a foam rack designed for 12mm tubes (code 30400239).

Applications encompass high throughput suspensions, genotyping, and DNA as well as RNA testing in clinical laboratories. The display feature of digital models comprises standalone LED elements that present speed and time data simultaneously, allowing operators to observe both settings at once.

Operation is facilitated via a detachable three-wire cable and plug (included). Structure details incorporate a foam and stainless steel rack to hold (50) 12mm diameter tubes (included). This can be swapped with a foam rack designed to mix tubes having a diameter from 10 to 29mm.

Product details
Stirring Speed RangeFrom 500 to 2,500 rpm
External dimensions mm L x P x A241 x 384 x 406
Control panelDouble display LCD
Position size184 x 311
Consumption100 W
Warranty24 months
VariousCE, TUV safety certification
Absorption1 A
Weight kg20,3
Supply230 V, 50/60 Hz
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€8,999.00 ex VAT
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€2,057.00 ex VAT
€2,447.83 incl. VAT if applicable
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