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Jointlab srl
Milano - Italy
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Complete system with pt100 and support for AREX 6 Connect PRO Velp

Jointlab srl€674.00 
(€802.06 incl. VAT* )* - if applicable
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Description by the supplier

Presenting the innovative hot plate stirrer featuring integrated Wi-Fi capabilities

The VELP Ermes, optimizes your laboratory operations by facilitating real-time remote control of your AREX-6 Connect PRO, from any location. With access from any PC, tablet or smartphone, it enhances your productivity and ensures reproducibility of experiments. Instant alerts and notifications provide timely updates while the remote interruption feature offers complete control over all processes.


Equipped with dual independent temperature reading circuits, the AREX-6 Digital PRO ensures the safety of your tool in case one circuit malfunctions. A safety warning is displayed on the monitor, pausing the heating if the probe is not inserted into the analyzed sample.

The AREX-6 Digital PRO is implemented with advanced technology enabling you to set a maximum temperature according to the requirements of specific analyses. The Lock function safeguards against accidental changes in settings and secures the instrument.


Constructed with an aluminum alloy overlaid with a ceramic layer, the CerAlTop™ plate ensures even and quick heat diffusion across the surface. It also protects the stirrer from scratches and chemical resistance.


AREX-6 Digital PRO provides superior thermoregulation capabilities. The PID thermoregulation system ensures quick and steady temperature control with minimal overshoot. The VTF and Pt100 probe facilitate accurate temperature control.

Choose between two distinct thermoregulation modes:

- FAST: Ensures swift attainment of the set temperature.

- FINE: Achieves the set temperature slowly, mitigating overshoot.


Powered by a brushless motor, you can stir up to 20 liters at adjustable speeds varying from 30 to 1700 rpm. With the SpeedServo™ system, the speed remains consistent regardless of viscosity changes. Homogeneous agitation is guaranteed by the Alnico magnet even at the edges of the plate, ensuring powerful magnetic coupling between the motor and stir bar.


The AREX-6 Digital PRO, an IP42 rated product, is engineered for longevity and durability. The design and materials shield the unit's internal components from potential damage. The device is covered by a three-year warranty. An added silicone cover contributes further protection against possible spills or splashes.

Technical Specifications:

- Precision speed regulation: 5 rpm.

- Temperature resolution: 1°C.

- Connections for digital thermoregulators: VTF / VTF EVO.

- Probe connection: Pt100.

- Sample thermoregulation: ±0.5°C (VTF / VTF EVO) ±1°C (PT100).

- Automated reverse rotation: Yes.

- Probe detector: Yes.

- Lock function: Yes.

- Hot surface warning: Displayed on monitor.

- Heating activation button: Yes.


Equipped with a bright LED display and intuitive icons. These icons indicate: probe or thermoregulator connection, heating activation, attainment of the set temperature, timer activation, and rotation reversal.

The AREX-6 Digital PRO has an advanced menu for customizing the instrument based on the needs of each laboratory.

Researchers can set the timer ranging from 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes in two distinct modes:

- Snap: The timer begins counting down as soon as an operation is activated (either stirring or heating).

- SetP: The timer starts as soon as the set temperature is reached.

Rotation reversal can be set at specific time intervals.


Explore the visual guides to understand the vast possibilities of a cutting-edge laboratory connected to VELP's Ermes cloud.


The AREX-6 Connect PRO incorporates Wi-Fi technology to connect to the VELP Ermes cloud platform, a seamless solution for your Smart Lab. The platform allows for a reduction in repetitive tasks via real-time monitoring and control of your AREX-6 Connect Pro. It enhances productivity and reproducibility by documenting valuable data and insights.

Connecting to the VELP Ermes cloud is an effortless process facilitated by the detailed Ermes guide. Mutual product support is ensured through VELP authorized service centers.



The state-of-the-art Spherical Caps, perfect for replacing oil baths and heating mantles, adapt to both the 135 mm plate diameter and the tube shape, ensuring optimal heat transfer.


The space-saving aluminium-made MonoAlublock™ & OpenAluBlock™ system supports multiple stirring and heating analyses.

- The MonoAlublock™ is an ideal solution for analysis with identical tubes.

- Different kinds of modular OpenAluBlock™s suit various tube sizes, adding to the versatility and making sure it suits your distinctive needs.

Product details
Stirring Speed Range30 - 1700 rpm
Max. stirring volume20 liters
Heating plateYes
External dimensions mm L x P x A165x115x280 mm
Position size135 Ø
Power W630 W
SeriesAREX 6
VariousIP 42
Weight kg2,6
Supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum temperature370 °C
Plate materialCeramic coated aluminium
Cloud / Wifi connectionYes
Standard accessoryPT100 probe, rod and clamp
Max. stirring speed1700 rpm
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United Kingdom
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